About Astrologer Dawn

Astrologer Dawn

Astrologer Dawn, born in England and now living in the USA was fortunate to grow up in a family who understood the metaphysical world. From a young age, Dawn was exposed to a wide variety of experiences and lifestyles that allowed her to observe people and tap into her natural intuition.

Dawn studied Astrology with Julian Lee, Eugene Moore and many others. She was trained in Natal and Relocation Astrology, Advanced Tarot as well as an understanding of the basics of the Venus Sequence, Human Design and Numerology. Dawn is a past President of the American Tarot Association.

Astrologer Dawn believes that when you follow who you are at your core, which can be seen in your Astrological and Human Design Charts, you can customize a life experience that works for you!

A customized lifestyle includes monetizing your passions, talents, skills, experience, knowledge, wisdom and education to bring joy and fulfillment. A life in flow consists of success financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

From 15-30 years of age, Dawn’s entrepreneurial spirits lead her through 64 full time jobs. She worked in corporate environments in the Legal, Real Estate, Television, Theater, Radio, Advertising, Mortgage Banking and Escrow fields in England and the United States.

Ultimately, at the age of 30, she established her own consulting business as an Organizational Business Planner and that was the end of working for anyone else!

Age 36 she created Astrologer Dawn and EvolvingU and embarked on the entrepreneurial journey of a Metaphysical Practitioner/Business Coach! Dawn’s sessions include a blend of the alternative, traditional, metaphysical and practical to assist, validate and empower the client’s journey.

Since 1998 Astrologer Dawn has been heard on a variety of radio stations across the USA and internationally answering listener’s important life questions.

In 2002 Astrologer Dawn became a Founding Member of Coachville. She was the first professionally trained Life and Business Coach to bring Eastern philosophies to her Coaching clients. Blending the metaphysical and coaching allows you greater access to who you are at your core. It also allow you to intuitively connect with your passions, talents and strengths to live a life that’s full of enjoyment, fulfillment and happiness!

From 2008 to 2011 Astrologer Dawn hosted The EvolvingU Radio show, a 2 hour night time talk show on an FM station, focusing on answering listener’s life and business questions using Astrology, Human Design and Coaching.

Astrologer Dawn continues with her commitment to share her wisdom, intuition, knowledge, tools and resources, both alternative and traditional to empower you to evolve and become more aware of your choices in both your personal and professional life.

If you want to know more about who you are and where you are going check out the Initial Consultation information with Astrologer Dawn or contact her at 520-419-5419 or dawn AT astrologerdawn DOT com