On this page you will find descriptions and information for the books I have created titled:

Monetize Your Authentic Self

You as a Metaphysical Practitioner

You on the Radio

As a Metaphysical Practitioner and Soul Purpose Coach with over 20 years’ experience of being an entrepreneur, I offer you my extensive intuition, instinct and instantaneous knowing to manifest the tools and resources you need to create, sustain and support YOU on your entrepreneurial journey.

My books, consultations and coaching provides clarity, direction, focus and guidance together with practical business solutions to overcome entrepreneurial and personal obstacles and challenges.

I am able to point out “your way” through personalized metaphysical information that supports your growth. I teach you how to listen to your intuition to create a lifestyle, allowing success financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Using my excellent verbal and written communications I am able to impart clear, concise personalized information that allows you to untangle complex issues and see clearly the correct path for your entrepreneurial journey

Take what you want and leave the rest….

DawnMonetizeBookMonetize Your Authentic Self

If you want to know more about who you are at your core and how to embrace the authentic YOU to create income that arises from your gifts, talents and passions then Monetize Your Authentic Selfis the book for you.

According to the 2013 State of the American Workplace prepared by Gallup 78% of people are actively disengaged from the work they are paid to complete!  That means 78% of you are unhappy in how you are spending the majority of your time creating income.

If you one of 112,320,000 people who are feeling unfulfilled, underpaid, bored, micromanaged, stressed out and generally disinterested and disengaged from your daily work, then read Monetize Your Authentic Self.

You will learn how to understand and interpret quite easily your own personal Astrological information.  If you are looking to gain self-awareness and discover the type of work environment and occupation that allows you to create joy, satisfaction, fulfillment and income that works for you then read this book!

Determine the lessons you need to learn as well as how to let go of the old and embrace the new in order to live a life more in flow with your natural gifts and talents. 

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If you are a Metaphysical Practitioner and/or Service Provider of any kind and want to create a business that is successful so you can live the live you were meant to live, then You as a Metaphysical Practitionerand You on the Radio are books you need in your growth library.


DawnMetaphysicalBookYou as a Metaphysical Practitioner

With over 190 pages of business material, allow You as a Metaphysical Practitioner to guide you in taking your passion/hobby of Metaphysical Consultations to a professional level.  Enjoy discovering the practical nuts and bolts of creating a business that’s successful financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

There are so many types of Metaphysical Practitioners the list would be as long as your arm!  Those of you interested in this book might be connected with Astrology, Tarot, Human Design and Numerology. You might be a practicing Psychic, Medium, Wiccan, Rune Reader or have other metaphysical skills.  If you consider yourself a Metaphysical Practitioner and would like to create income from your gifts, skills and talents, then this book is for you!

In this book you are given all the documents, tools and resources needed to create a successfully self-sustaining entrepreneurial experience.

Learn how to create sacred space, dream boards as well as how to attract your ideal clients.  Understand how the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee has kept you from sharing your talents with others and how to change your mind set.

Discover short cuts to save time, as well as with whom you need to trade with or hire in order to take your business to the next level.

Buy this information packed, one of a kind book, for currently only $99 (valued over $299) 


DawnRadioBookYou on the Radio

If you are a service based provider and want to discover how to make the most amount of money, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of work doing something you love, then You on the Radio is the book for you.

  • Would you like to discover if Morning Radio is a great marketing fit for you and your business?
  • Do you need the tools and resources to bring you and your business to the airwaves?
  • Would you love to learn the ingredients needed to market you and your business for FREE?
  • Do you want to increase your business revenue as well as your credibility whilst growing your database and creating business success?

Over 100 pages packed with step-by-step details, information, tools and resources that will guide you in creating a successful radio experience for you and your business on Morning Radio.

You will discover what makes radio an excellent marketing strategy.

You will learn about what actually goes on in a studio as well as the ins and outs of how a Morning Show works!

You will come to understand how radio exposure increases your income and credibility as well as providing you with new marketing opportunities that will empower you to expand your horizons!

Learn which “method” of being heard on the radio works best for who you are at your core.

Clarify your Ideal Client and how to discover the “right” radio stations for your business to get the most exposure.  Learn how “the money” works on the radio and how there is an unending supply when using radio as a Marketing Tool.

Learn how to create a “give-away” to the listeners that will bring them to your website.

Experience creating your radio PR package, together with discovering where you need to send those packages.  Whether it’s snail mail or e-mail you will need to be aware of what radio stations are looking for in terms of reading and listening materials!

Receive the Scripts and E-Mails that have been used to bring about success together with step by step directions on how to create a radio demo from scratch!

Understand the type of talent Morning Shows are looking for and whether you can find these shows on your own or do you need to have a prep service?

Learn about radio formats and demographics as wells some of the lingo that’s important when working in this medium.

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