Relocational Astrological Consultation

This Consultation takes place over two calls:

The first call is about 20 minutes and is not recorded.

I go through a series of questions to help you gain clarity around what is important to you in your life and in your move. Some people want to move to have a better financial experience, so I would be looking for planets that are in the 2nd or 8th House. Some would like to find the home of their dreams, which would mean that 4th House planets need to show up, especially in the Moon or Venus. For those who are looking to live out their Career or Calling, I would be looking at the positive planets that show up in the 10th and 11th Houses. If you are looking for intimate relationships, I will be looking for 7th House placements.

I am also looking for areas of the USA and world that would have a negative impact on your life. For example, if you have children, or want to have children, you don’t want to move to an area where either Saturn or Pluto is in your 5th House. Those areas could have a major impact on getting pregnant and/or problems for your children, whether those are physical, emotional and spiritual.

On this first call, this is also the time when you will let me know if there are any places you have intuitively known you’d like to live. Many times, when clients say something like “I’ve always felt a draw to New Mexico” I discover, when creating the charts, there is some astrological pull for them to move there.

The second call is 1 hour and is recorded.

In this call, I will give you the top 3 places in the world and/or the USA to live based on our previous conversation. If you have given me places to look at, I will let you know if and how these destinations would work for you. I also encourage you to ask whatever questions you would like answered.

The cost also has two levels:

  1. If you have already had an Initial or Follow Up Consultation with me, and you either know where you want to move to or want me to look at the best place for you, the cost is $150. Use coupon code RELOCATE at checkout.
  2. If you have NOT had any Consultations with me and you either know where you want to move too or want me to at the best place for you, the cost is $300. This Consultation also includes information I would include in an Initial Consultation.


You will come away from your Relocational Astrological Consultation with a better understanding of who you are and where in the world you can live your life to its fullest. You will also learn where you are the happiest as well as where you could encounter negative experiences.


Relocational Astrological Consultation – Cost $300

If you have already experiences an Initial or follow-up consultation (and using code RELOCATE at checkout to receive this consultation for $150), you are asked to update Astrologer Dawn on various areas of your life, since last communicating with her, twenty-four hours prior to the call. You will also provide any relocation information for this this session.


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