2-Hour Combo Consultation

This two hour session is a combination of using metaphysical tools and coaching, in equal measure, over two separate days. The first session is one hour in length and is either your Initial or Follow Up Consultation, after which you are given homework to do before your next appointment. The second session is one hour in length, and will occur within the next 10 days, is a Coaching session focused on bringing you deeper clarity around the areas uncovered in the first session and your homework. Jump in, go deep!

Both sessions are recorded and forwarded to your email, together with your Astrology and HD Charts and information that pertains to who you are at our core.

2-Hour Combo Consultation – Cost $300

Twenty-four hours prior to the call you are asked to update Astrologer Dawn on various areas of your life, since last communicating with her. You will also provide any new partner birth information at this time, as compatibility is included in this session.

The conversation continues from our previous appointment. We continue to hone your understanding of yourself and the energies that are available to you in the upcoming two years.

Astrologer Dawn will point out the obstacles, challenges, opportunities and structures that need to be created so that you can handle the near future. She will also suggest tools and resources in order to counteract any negative experiences.

You receive more in-depth information and knowledge of your Astrological and Human Design Charts. The more you understand who you are at your core, the easier it is to design a life that fits with you! The goal is to assist you in living in a manner that is in flow and is a compatible lifestyle that fits with your authentic self.

Some of the questions my clients ask:

  • “My reading indicates that I’m compatible with my partner in several areas except communications, what can we do to correct that or is it even worth trying?”
  • “My fear of financial insecurity has been crippling me, even though I have a great income and savings. You mentioned that I will be working on financial issues and will increase my income. How is that going to happen and when?
  • “You talked about my authentic career in a lot of depth, and while what you said resonated with me at the core, I’m in a completely different profession right now and have no idea how to make that kind of change. What are the next steps I need to take to discover if a move in my career will benefit me?”
  • “You mentioned that in the next 3 months I could be getting either a promotion or finding a new job. I have two interviews set up, which one of these opportunities best matches who I am authentically?”
  • “I recently divorced and am living on a tight budget; you mentioned that income will increase over the next year. Do I need to take action to make that happen or is the Universe just going to send me more money? How will this income arrive and what do I need to do?
  • “I’m involved with someone that astrologically I’m not compatible with and we are having lots of difficulties in our relationship. Does it look like it’s best for me to stay and work things out or does it look like I’ll leave in the next year?”
  • “My business partner and I are having some issues around how to move our business forward and I want to find a better way to communicate with her. What else do I need to know about who she is in order for us to be successful in partnership?”
  • “Making the decision to leave my partner has been a difficult one, now I just need to know about timing. Can you give me some periods of time that it would be better for me to make the move?
  • “I’m thinking about going back to school but not for what you mentioned in terms of my career. What you talked about really struck a chord. Now I don’t know whether to go to school or not, can you give me some tools and resources to make that decision?
  • “I have been dating the same person for 4 years and really want to get married. In your reading you didn’t mention marriage; in fact, you mentioned a rocky road in the upcoming three months around my relationship. What are my next steps for navigating what’s coming up and will I EVER get the marriage I want with this person?”
  • And other questions you can think of that pertain to your life!

2-Hour Combo Consultation – Cost $300

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