Are you a radio station Program Director, On-Air Personality, or Producer? Would you love for Astrologer Dawn to appear on your station? If you are interested in whether what Astrologer Dawn has to offer fits with your demographic take a look at her RADIO RESUME.

Radio Studio Recordings

If you want to know how Astrologer Dawn sounds, performs, responds, reacts and interacts with your audience and Morning Show Hosts, when she is in the studio, listen to the radio show recording.

In the Studio is 4.18 minutes in length and is a compilation of 5 different Morning Show Hosts.

Home Studio Recordings

If you are looking to offer your listeners an insightful, intuitive Astrological experience for FREE, Astrologer Dawn is happy to create a segment specifically for your audience reordered from her home studio!

Below is a weekly Astrological Update created by Astrologer Dawn for Radio. This is an example of what can be done in 1 minute, 1.30 minutes and 2 minute segments without my actual presence.
Home Studio 1.00 Minute Audio

Home Studio 1.30 Minutes Audio

Home Studio 2.00 Minutes Audio


Contact Astrologer Dawn

TEL: 520-419-5419
dawn AT astrologerdawn DOT com