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Creating your Life Vision using the Astrological Wheel

Creating Your Life Vision Using the Astrological Wheel | Astrologer Dawn
When I became a Life and Business Coach over 18 years ago, I quickly realized that I wanted to create a tool that would help my clients get clear on what they wanted their lives to look like, if they had the choice to design it.

Many of my clients, were coming to me with huge “to-do” lists and every time I would ask them “Which goals is that to-do list coming from?”  Most of my initial coaching client, didn’t know what I was talking about.

I loved it when my clients had those light bulb moments, where they recognized they had not been clear with the Universe what their life would look like if they created it.

Unless we are clear about what we want our life to look like, it’s difficult to attain that life!

Many people spend an inordinate amount of time, reacting to the next thing in life and I don’t mean intuitively.  Do you have crisis and drama in your home or business life?  That drama and crisis takes you away from growing and looking at a situation from the outside and discovering what you have learned.  It takes time to switch from reacting to the next thing to getting clear in writing what your ideal life would look like.

I knew there were Life Wheels out there on the internet, as I had looked at some of them.  They were nearly all the same.  They didn’t appeal to me.

I had a conversation with me, myself and I about what type of Wheel I would use.  Of course, my intuition said, “Astrological Wheel”.

So, how do you use the Astrological Wheel to create a Life Vision?
I use the Houses of the Wheel.  Houses 1- 12.  Each House represents a different area of your life.  When you have written about each of the Houses and then put all your writings together, deleting anything that you might have repeated in another House, you have a Life Vision!

That Life Vision will also dictate how you bring in income to support that Vision.

Below I have given you all the Life Vision exercise that I normally give my Coaching Clients.

If you are not clear about what you want your life to look like and even if you do, BUT you don’t have it down in writing, The Life Vision exercise will help you gain clarity.  As you are gaining more clarity, the Universe will start to send you things, people, opportunities that will move you closer to the Life Vision you have in writing.

You will be amazed that when you change your focus from reacting to your life to creating your life, the Universe shifts and starts to reward your new focus.

You will also have more difficulty being around others who have a ton of chaos and drama in their lives.  You will find yourself stepping back from the drama and chaos of others and being drawn towards others who are looking at creating, rather than reacting to life.

As you gain more clarity around your Life Vision, you will go through a detox of your old beliefs.  You will recognize that some of the limiting beliefs you have, were given to you by your family, and they don’t belong to you.
They usually show up as the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee!  We’ll leave them for another day!

Work through each of the Houses at your own pace and in an order, that works for you.  Listen to your intuition, it will guide you on which House to write about.  Remember that you are the only one who is going to see this, unless you work with me in a Coaching capacity!

What could get in your way of doing this?

  • Hearing the IBS Committee, telling you that it’s going to take too long to complete.
  • You are too old.
  • You don’t have the energy to shift and change.
  • You don’t have the money to do …..

All you are being asked to do at this point, is to write out your ideal life.  Nobody is asking you to quit your job, spend any money, only your time and energy to gain clarity.


The Life Vision Using an Astrological Wheel  “The What comes before the How”

What would your Ideal life look like, in each of these areas, if you were living that Ideal Life right now?  

Think about your ideal life and the qualities that would make it a life that brings you joy.
What kinds of relationships would you like to have?

  • What would your intuitive life look like in it’s ideal state?
  • What type of home do you envision living in?
  • How will you spend your time in your career?
  • How will you give back to your community?
  • What are you doing for fun and adventure?
  • How are your finances?
  • What about your health?

Each of the astrological Houses represents a part of our personality and life.  When all the Houses are put together you will have a Life Vision.

Below are descriptions of how each House relates to your life.  You can find much more in-depth information about each House on the Internet.  What I came up with is what I believe you need to know to get you going on the writing piece of the Life Vision.  Each of these descriptions will help you determine what you need to describe under each House.  Expand upon each area as much as possible.  Remember to dream big!

Remember to keep your writing in the present tense.  As if what you want is actually in your life right now!

For example, in writing about House #2, which represents (in short) money and values, you might write “My income is in the 7 figures which allows me to spend time with people I value and experiences that will enhance my life.  (This does not have to be true right now; it must be your ideal).

Here is an example of a sentence that would need to be re-worded: “Someday I’d like to have no money problems so I could travel all over the world”.

This is written in the future, in the negative and non-specific.  The way to write this in terms of the Life Vision would be “I am financially secure and able to travel to countries such as India, Spain and China”

Only work on one House at a time.  If you are working with me on a Coaching basis we would talk about making sure the House you had written about was in the presence as well as if anything negative had popped up in your writing and it needed rewording.

Remember, this is the order you are putting out to the Universe, as if you were ordering at a restaurant, except the menu is created by you!

Most people who have worked on completing this exercise in one sitting end up writing about what’s going on in their lives RIGHT NOW, rather than writing about what the Ideal would look like RIGHT NOW.

After you have created your Life Vision from your ideal ingredients you will be looking at what’s going on in your life right now!  Put that out of your head for now as we are interested in your Ideal Life, not your current life.

In some of the Houses you will have already achieved where you want to be.

For example, you own your dream house and wouldn’t move.   So, describe your home and if there are any upgrades you would like to add, and then add those to your Ideal Life Vision as if you already had those upgrades.

Houses #1 – #9 and #11-#12, will show you the lifestyle you would like to have.  House #10 will indicate the type of work you are going to do, together with the financial and other rewards that come from your chosen career path.  House #10 supports all the other Houses financially.

For those of you who are entrepreneurs or want to work for themselves, in Coaching I use the “Soul Purpose Mission and Vision”, which allows you to flesh out in more depth what House #10 looks like.

You can write about any House you want to, in any order.  Go with your intuition and start writing!


We start at the beginning of the Zodiac with Aries and move all the way through to Pisces.  If you look at the Wheel, it tells a story of a journey.  Aries can be incredibly naïve and take a ton of risks, where at the other end of the spectrum, Pisces takes risks, based on intuition and knowing.  The Aries has evolved into the Pisces, by going through the journey of each Sign in the Astrological Wheel.

1.  Self (Aries) – This is the most personal and powerful House for it symbolizes you. Describe your mannerisms, style, disposition, temperament, your outward behavior, your values, beliefs, your likes and physical characteristics (especially your head and facial features).  How you present yourself to others and how the world sees you.  The way or manner in which you go about achieving what you want.

2.  Material World & Self Belief (Taurus) This is your House of money and possessions and self-belief. Describe what you own in life, your income and financial prospects. These are the things you possess; car, furniture, clothes, your finances including income and investments. Include a positive statement as to your connection with money.

3.  Communications (Gemini) – This House relates to your immediate environment in three main areas: self-expression, family ties and day-to-day travel. Around self-expression describe how you think, speak and write.  Under family ties include your relationship with brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and neighbors.  Short trips are included under day-to-day travel.

4.  Family and Home (Cancer) – This is the House of home and relates to the kind of home you make for yourself in both a physical and emotional sense.  Describe where you live, what your home looks like, the environment and how you feel about your home.  Describe in depth the inside and outside of your home, including who is living there and the activities that take place in the home.

5.  Creativity, Children & Luck (Leo) – This is the House of creativity, children and sex and covers everything you do for pleasure and to express yourself creatively.  Describe your children and the joy you receive from them as well as how you relate to entertainment, holidays, amusements and the arts. Pets are included here as this House includes all the things to which you instinctively give affection. Also describe what you do for fun and adventure.

6.  Work, Service and Health (Virgo) – This House is sometimes called the “House of service to others”.  Include here how you give back, E.G.  Tithing or helping others.  Describe your relationships with co-workers, subordinates and your employer and a description of the tasks in which you engage that bring you joy in your work arena.  Also describe your physical health, including exercise and diet.  If you are self-employed write about people with specialized knowledge, who have taken over certain work tasks.  Such as hiring a payroll company or an accountant to handle finances.

7.  Relationships (Libra) – This is the House of partnerships and marriage.  On a personal level, describe your spouse and your sense of your marriage and partnership. What are the two of you doing together?  How do you like to spend your time as a couple?  Also include your partnerships with those you have in work, business, and legal affairs. This House includes any relationship where you partner with another to pursue shared goals.

8.  Secrets (Scorpio) – This is the House of death, regeneration and monies that are co mingled with your own.  It is also called the House of spiritual transformation. Include here a description of other people’s money in your life, any study of the occult, and/or your psychic powers.  Describe where you are on this journey of spiritual transformation.  Are you continuing your spiritual journey using alternative healers?

9.  Meaning of Life (Sagittarius) – This is the House of mental exploration and long-distance travel. Describe your pursuits in higher education, philosophy and the study of profound subjects. This is also the area where you embark on a spiritual journey to learn more about who you are at your core.  Also include long journeys of the mind and physical body as well as actual travel to foreign lands and business interests in other countries.  Include in here any literary efforts or publishing you have in your life.

10.  Career and Achievement (Capricorn) – This is the House of career and public standing including all matters outside your home – your profession, status in the community and public reputation. Describe these as well as your image as shown in power, position and honors that you have achieved.   (USE THE SOUL PURPOSE MISSION AND VISION DOCUMENT TO EXPAND ON THIS HOUSE AND TO CREATE YOUR TARGET MARKET)

11.  World Relationships (Aquarius) – This is the House of strong friendships, hopes and wishes as well as your humanitarian ventures. Describe your involvement with groups and organizations that are connected to work, profession or family; include clubs, societies or political associations you belong to.  Describe your friends and acquaintances that best further your interests and objects in life.  Also describe your sense of idealism and vision.

12.  The Unknown (Pisces) – This is the House where you can at last discover the meaning of life.  Describe the activities you pursue currently on this journey to discover the true meaning of life, include any journaling, dream analysis, psychic endeavors, self-awareness, self-actualization, etc.  If you are involved with meditation, yoga, tapping, NLP or anything that allows you to tap further into your core, make sure you include that in this House.

Enjoy your journey and I can be of further assistance either with a Consultation, to help you get clarity around your Life Vision, or Coaching to assist you in working through writing your Life Vision to bringing that Vision to life, contact me at or call me at 520-419-5419.

You can also visit and purchase Consultations and Individual Coaching as well as other services and products.

Ask yourself:

  • What happens if I don’t get clarity around what I want my life to look like?
  • What continues to happen in my life with regards to me reacting to life, rather than creating that life?
  • What will my life look like if I keep getting involved with drama and chaos filled people and situations?
  • How will I say I lived, when I’m on my death bed?
  • Will I have accomplished those states of being and enjoyed people, places and things to the fullest?


If not now, when?
If not you, who?

For Consultations and Coaching, please contact me at either or call 520-419-5419.

More to come……..




Astrologer Dawn




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