“Astrologer Dawn is the BEST! You may have had other psychics, numerologists and Astrologers on the air, but none will compare to Astrologer Dawn. Our listeners look forward to the first Friday of the month, because that’s Astrologer Dawn Day. She is always right on with the listening audience. We love Astrologer Dawn!”
Kristi Credit – Producer – Tony & Dee in the Morning, 101.3 Rochester, New York

“You are the best on the air! There is no faking it in radio! This is good for you since you have “IT”. When you are your most authentic self, the audience hears it. Embrace how powerful you are on-air and enjoy the journey. I love you and think you have a great talent…
Jennifer English – KVOA TV-4 Fresh@4 Food Contributor – The Food & Wine Radio Network – James Beard Award Winner – Gracie Allen Award Winner

“The first time I ever met Astrologer Dawn she told me my Venus is in my Uranus and I’ve loved her ever since! And what about that accent! I love you… you wonderfully talented British person…
Ryno – Afternoons 107.5 The River, Nashville, TN

“Dawn has an amazing connection with Astrology, Tarot and Human Design, add this creative talent-mix to her exceptional coaching skills and voila! Having a consultation with Astrologer Dawn was the best gift I could give myself. The consultation helped me start to create a strong foundation for my life and my business. One outstanding, empowered woman dedicated to empowering other women on a multitude of levels.”
Shannon Ritchie – Tucson, AZ

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