Individual Entreprenurial Coaching

Coaching takes place over the telephone or via Skype twice a month at the same time.  Soul Purpose Coaching requires a minimum three month commitment.  During this period of time you will enjoy 6 telephone/Skype appointments between you and Astrologer Dawn, unlimited e-mail and cell phone connections.

You are provided with a variety of exercises to work on in-between appointments that allow you to access your answers intuitively.  The guidance you receive through coaching is customized and based on who you are authentically in your Astrological and Human Design Charts.

Coaching enables you to gain clarity, focus and direction in all areas of your life.  It allows you to look at the journey you have taken to this point without shame, blame and judgment and to use your life experience, knowledge and intuition to create a life that works for you.

Exercises and Sessions allow you to tap into your intuition to discover more about what is “correct” for you in each area of your life.

A client once told me, “Coaching feels like I’ve discovered a deep soul connection within my being”.  I have always loved the visual I get from what she said!

Creating a Mission and Vision for your Life is the foundation we work on building.   Imagine you had $5 million dollars with which to build a house.  You wouldn’t go to Home Depot, buy wood and then just look around an area you’d like to live and start building!

First, you would need to make sure the land where you wanted to build the house was usable.  You would need a surveyor.  You would want to make sure the property had gas, electric, cable, water and anything else you might need to keep that house feeling like a home.  You would hire a contractor who would employ builders, plumbers, electricians, and painters etc. to build the home of your dreams.

AND IF YOU DIDN’T DO WHAT’S NECESSARY FIRST…… You might as well have built your house on a swamp in Florida!

In order to build “The House of YOU,” the coaching process brings about paradigm shifts showing you bigger and fuller opportunities than you could see on your own.  The exercises, homework and conversations we have all serve to assist you in creating a life that allows you to be in flow and live as authentically as possible.

The goal is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to create a life that is successful financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually!

If desired, you can re-sign for another three months or longer period of time.

Individual Entrepreneur Coaching – Cost only $1500 for 3 months!

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