Initial Metaphysical Consultation

What’s included and what do you gain from an Initial Consultation with Astrologer Dawn?

This 1 hour session takes place over the telephone and our conversation is recorded and sent to you digitally with your charts. I use your Natal and Relocated Astrological Charts (if pertinent) as well as creating a Human Design Chart if you supply me with your time of birth. (For those of you born in the USA, your time of birth can be found on your birth certificate). I also use the Thoth Deck, Tarot Cards and I have been a Career Manifestor Coach for over 16 years.

Initial Metaphysical Consultation – Cost $150

The Initial Consultation the focus is two-fold.

  1. Who are you authentically? What values, beliefs, characteristics, skills, talents and passions naturally show up in who you are?
  2. Where are you going over the next 2 years? Looking at the areas of Relationships, Career, Finance, Health, Learning, Spirituality and other areas. What are the obstacles and challenges you need to overcome, lessons you need to learn, as well as the opportunities that are coming your way.

I also encourage you to ask whatever questions you would like answered.

If you are involved with someone, whether that’s a personal intimate relationship or a business partner, I include this person’s chart in your Consultation. I am looking for areas in which there is compatibility and incompatibility. I also look at what’s going on and coming up in your primary relationship (personal or business).

You will come away from your Initial Consultation with stronger intuition and a greater understanding and knowledge of your passions, talents and skills. I also provide you with a variety of resources that show you how to take your talents, skills and passions and turn them into a life supporting venture that is successful financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, allowing you to live a life in more flow.

Here is a quote from a happy client:

“I had a gut feeling that the way to make money was doing something creative but didn’t know exactly what it was until I contacted Dawn. With her incredible metaphysical and coaching skills and services I was able to find my path very quickly. You gave me clarity, direction and guidance when I felt lost. You pointed out the positives of what I have to share with the world and gave me great resources and directions as well and plenty of homework to keep me busy in my pursuit of a lifestyle that works for me!.” – Karen G, San Diego, CA

Initial Metaphysical Consultation – Cost $150

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