Entreprenurial Group Coaching

Group Format:

Course is recorded and digitally available within 24 hours

Group meets for 75 minutes twice per month at 6pm PST/9pm EST.

Dates: – Contact us for current group dates

Using Metaphysical modalities that are customized to each group member, discover your Soul Purpose Career and how to use your passions, skills, talents, knowledge and experience to create success financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Uncover blocks that are holding you back from using your Soul Purpose Vocation to create income.  Discover the beliefs, tools and resources needed in order to create success in a Soul Purpose Career.

Paradigm shifts and huge leaps in awareness are encouraged in this group.  You will recognize and learn how to use who you are at your core to attract the “correct” people to you and your business.

You will come away with a clear, written Soul Purpose Mission and Vision for your business.  You will KNOW your Target Market as well as the Marketing tools you are going to use that work for who you are at your core.   Resources allowing your business to grow in a manner that works for you and your lifestyle.


Each week we meet could include homework/fieldwork you have agreed to take on.  Each person in the group will share their experience and what type of feedback you are looking for from the group.


We want to celebrate the wonderful successes you’ve experienced.  These can be the actions you’ve taken as well as the ah-ha moments and paradigm shifts you’ve had.  Sometimes you will come to the call with a financial success, such as gaining two new clients or billing an extra $500 and sometimes the successes will be with regard to connections you’ve made for the future of your business.

Challenges and Obstacles

Business can be challenging on a daily basis.  Adding new and positive daily habits and rituals can cause the Universe to send you obstacles and challenges that you will need to overcome in order to cement the new habits.   Learning how to handle those challenges and obstacles is something we strive for in the group.  That old saying of a burden shared is a burden halved is true except that it is more than halved when you bring the challenge to the group.  Receiving input from group members and Astrologer Dawn allows you to intuitively know what action you need to take in order to overcome your obstacles and challenges!


Opportunity shows up in many forms.  People, places and situations arise when you are working on creating any change to your business or personal life.  In this group, I encourage you to share what you see as an opportunity.  This allows you to gain feedback from Astrologer Dawn and your group members.  All the information, opinion, knowledge and intuition you receive allows you to come up with your own answers.  This also allows others to be sparked with their own ideas for their businesses.

Homework and Takeaway

What is the upcoming homework/field for this session?

What is the learning each member of the group is taking away from this session?


Each time we meet a new topic is introduced.  Some of the topics will include exercises for you to complete.  The topics are customized to each group and could include and are not limited to:

  • What’s the difference between a job and a career?
  • How to make $1 million dollars doing what you absolutely love!
  • Why do I need a written “Decide Statement” for my Soul Purpose Career?
  • How do I build a strong belief in myself and my business to create success?
  • What are the fundamental ingredients for creating a Soul Purpose Mission and Vision for a successful career?
  • How do I discover my Ideal Client?
  • How to Set your Fees -Know what you charge and stick to it
  • Overcoming Objections – There are only 7 main objections. Can you overcome those?
  • How do I stay on track and set the “correct” goals to take me where I want to be in my career?
  • Understand and use Active, Passive and Keep In Touch Marketing to grow your business.
  • In depth look at three of the most powerful active marketing strategies, Speaking, Networking and Radio Marketing.
  • What other marketing techniques do you need in order to round out your business?
  • Grass Roots Marketing, Newsletters and Blogs are covered in depth.
  • Did you know if you create a Strategic Alliances or Joint Venture you can increase your income, database and opportunities for new clients to experience you and your services?
  • Do you want to know how to create passive income? How would it feel to wake up in the morning and see money in your business bank account that arrived during the night?
  • Do you need to add coaching skills to your current business? Learn to difference between Coaching, Therapy and Consulting.
  • Coaching Skills – How can you talk to your clients/patients/customers in order to empower them and you? Learn how to ask the “correct” questions for you, your client and your business to grow.
  • Resources such as Building Supportive Environments, Accomplishment and Dream Boards, Project Design, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Creating Sacred Space and others are provided.
  • And many other topics pertinent to growing you and your Soul Purpose Career…

Homework and Takeaway

What is the upcoming homework/field for this session?

What is the learning each member of the group is taking away from this session?

Three Month Entrepreneurial Group Coaching – Date TBD

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