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Astrological Happenings October 2017

Astrological Happenings | October 2017 | Astrologer Dawn

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Astrological Happenings OCTOBER 2017

As I said in the September Astrological Happenings, October is somewhat “light” in terms of planetary movement.  None of the outer Planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are experiencing change from last month.

The inner Plants, the ones that are personal to you are moving into new signs and that will help or hinder you from getting what you want and having a light and breezy and easy October!!

On October 10th, Jupiter enters the Sign of Scorpio.  You will have increased understanding and knowing of others this month.  You will “get” things quite quickly, especially in emotional situations.  You will have the ability to “read” people whilst Jupiter is in Scorpio.

It’s also an excellent time for working on the self.  Getting rid of any old, deep down resentments you might have.  You’ll be amazed at how light you feel!

On October 14th, Venus moves into Libra, one of its ruling Signs.  Libra wants peace, harmony, balance and lots of people, with whom the Libra loves interacting.  It’s about finding balance in your life with the people you know.  Make sure your relationships are 50/50 and it’s not you who are doing all the work.  Who is there for you?

On October 17th, Mercury enters Scorpio, making you more curious about what’s underneath what others are saying.  You will spend more time in research and asking deep questions of yourself and others.  You have more of a connection with your intuition if you learn to slow down and listen.

On October 19th, we will experience the opportunity to write out our New Moon wishes.  This month in the sign of Libra.  Wishing for balance, peace and harmony and an ability to find an easier, softer way to live will be a priority.

On October 22nd, Mars, the planet of energy and the one that is related to our job, career or mission, moves into the Sign of Libra.  More balance is going to be needed.  Is it time for you to say “no” when you are asked for the 10th week to work another 10 hours overtime, without being paid?

Is it time for you to ask yourself those tough and scary questions as to what’s going on with you that you are willing to put up with an environment that doesn’t feel fabulous and wonderful.  If you say “money” that’s an excuse.  You can make money just as easily doing something you do like as spending time doing something you don’t like!  As this is a month of finding balance, take time to write out what you do love and what you don’t love about your work.  What changes are you willing to make?  What actions are you going to take?




This month Jupiter will move from Libra to Scorpio.  Libra wants balance and to not offend anyone.  The Scorpio energy wants to get what it wants and doesn’t usually concern itself with stepping on others’ toes!

It takes time and focus to gain clarity around your career.  Once we do have clarity we then must look at our lives and see where we are at compared to where we want to be.  It’s like going through a house that’s been left to you by your Grandma.  It’s huge, has tons of “stuff” in it that you will have to go through.  You’ll decide what to keep, give away, sell or throw away.  Unless you have a massive team of people to help you, it’s not going to take one day!

If you are hearing the IBS Committee or the Management Committee, meditate and tune them out.  It’s only your head and the only power your head has, is the power you give it!

The balance, this month is about taking steps and then taking a break. One of my son’s is studying for the ACT and he combines studying, taking tests and watching a show he loves, such as Dexter!  This way you do not get burned out on one thing.  The peace and serenity and harmony come from knowing it’s ok to have relaxation as well as work and to create it in a way that works for you.


With all the Libra energy this month, what needs to change at home to give you more peace, harmony and serenity?  Does your house need to be more organized?  Do you need help with ferrying your kids from one place to another?  Do you need to cut down on your social engagements, only attending those where you feel you would love to be the most?

In your relationships, maybe it’s time to look at who you want to spend your time and energy on.  If you have been involved with people whose life seems to be all chaos and drama, it could be helpful for your growth to step back from those people.  Usually their chaos and drama will continue, whether you are there to observe it or not!

If you are looking to attract the correct relationship for you, start to get more involved with activities that bring you joy.  It would be nice to meet someone doing something they love, which happens to be what you love as well!


The New Moon in Scorpio occurs on November 18th Neptune will be turning direct in Pisces.  Your hopes, wishes and dreams are more likely to come true this month!  Venus will move in Scorpio so expect intense connections with those you love.


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