Your Rising Sign Explained

Your Rising Sign Explained | Astrologer Dawn

The Sign rising over the horizon at the time of your birth is the called the Ascendant, or Rising Sign.

The Rising Signs change approximately every two hours, which is why the time of birth is important in terms of erecting your true Natal Astrological Chart.

The Ascendant/Rising Sign is often considered the face we put on for others. It’s the face we let others see. The Ascendant shows us how we react on a daily basis to what is going on in our lives. The traits that we have in our Ascendant are usually apparent to others and maybe not so much to ourselves. The Ascendant shows us our first natural response to new people, places and situations as we go through the journey of life. The sign on the Ascendant generally reveals how people start anything new.

The Ascendant takes part in your appearance and personality, going as far as influencing physical characteristics sometimes. The Sign becomes expressed in your image, style and mannerisms. It is also expressed in how you act. Some astrologers believe that the Rising Sign becomes weaker after the age of 30 and once you’ve been through your Saturn Return. After 30 you are much more connected with your Moon sign as this represents your emotional and spiritual connection to the world.

Like other Signs in Astrology, Rising Signs are categorized into fire, earth, air or water. Fire Signs -Aries, Leo and Sagittarius appear energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic. Earth Signs – Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo come off as practical and secure. Air Signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are good at communication. The Water Signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are seen as emotional, intuitive and feeling.

So given that the Rising Sign is how you are seen by others and how you react to situations what happens when we move?

One of the biggest changes to your chart happens when you move more than 100 miles away from where you are born. There is a potential for your Rising Sign to Change. For example I was born in England and have Aries Rising where I was born. I then moved to Philadelphia which then gave me Capricorn Rising and then to Tucson where I now have Sagittarius Rising. So what does that do to my personality and the way I react to life and what I have to contend with? With Aries Rising it was all about adventure, taking risks and changes; with Capricorn Rising it was about working slowly through issues to achieve goals and now with Sagittarius Rising it’s about the spiritual lessons learned, teaching and spreading love throughout the world! So as I have moved I have taken on a different part of my personality.

Firstly look at your Natal Chart and if you’ve had a Consultation with me and have had the correct time of birth and now live somewhere other than your birth place then pull out your Relocated Chart and find out if your personality and the way you respond to life has changed.

When you move your Rising Sign can become more powerful or weaker depending upon the other Planets, Signs and Houses in your Chart.

Want to know a little bit more about how each sign acts out?

Below is a snapshot of your Rising/Ascendant Sign:

You are quick to make decisions and direct in your communications. Your first instinct is to act rather than to think things through. Planning is not your specialty, taking action is.

You are very capable and move slowly and steadily through life. You have tremendous staying power and can take on issues and problems that take years to solve. You are very loyal to those you care about.

You are curious and interested in everything and see life as an opportunity to learn a little about a lot of different subjects. You are social and verbalization of your thoughts, ideas, hopes, wishes and dreams is important to keep you motivated in life.

You are loyal, gentle and loving. Others may feel they have known you forever. You have a tendency to be fearful of new situations and can be unsure of entering into new situations until you know more.

You are bright and shiny and expect to be noticed when you enter a room. You have style, pizzazz and usually a beautifully tailored outfit appropriate for every situation. You need lots of attention otherwise you wither on the vine.

You are intelligent, verbal and critical. You know what you like and what you don’t. Items out of place annoy you. You spend a lot of time analyzing all aspects of your own and others’ lives.

Everybody loves you. You are pleasant, charming, interesting and attract others in your life without effort. There is a good chance that you are stylishly dressed and your earrings will match your necklace will match your dress, will match your shoes!

You have a very strong presence and don’t go through life unnoticed. You have a powerful demeanor and can intimidate others without realizing it. You are tapped into the deeper emotional feelings of others and possess a very strong intuition.

You show up in the world with lots of faith and enthusiasm for life. You have a can do attitude. You are prone to gaining weight as well as gaining more intelligence throughout your life. You can be restless and need to be around those you consider well traveled or well educated.

You came into this world “older” than your years. Not older looking, older in spiritual and soul. You have been here before. You are very sure of yourself and success is very likely in a variety of areas of your life.

You are the most unique, unusual and original of the signs. You have a finger in both traditional and alternative forms of learning and living. You are future oriented and look to combine the old with the new to grow as quickly as possible.

You are ethereal, mystical and musical and can seem to others that you have no direction. Actually you have the best ability to go with the flow. You can come across as shy or dreamy and very impressionable.

If you want to know more about your own personal chart, and how you can use it to create your Soul Purpose Lifestyle, then it’s time for an Initial ConsultationInitial Consultation. In this Consultation, you will discover your rising sign at birth, and if you have relocated, where it currently sits. And, of course, you will discover many other facets of your personality as well as what’s coming up in the next 2 years!

Is it time for an Initial or Follow Up Consultation?

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Astrologer Dawn

14 Responses to Your Rising Sign Explained

  1. Where did you come up with this? It is simply WRONG.

    “One of the biggest changes to your chart happens when you move more than 100 miles away from where you are born. There is a potential for your Rising Sign to Change. For example I was born in England and have Aries Rising where I was born. I then moved to Philadelphia which then gave me Capricorn Rising and then to Tucson where I now have Sagittarius Rising. So what does that do to my personality and the way I react to life and what I have to contend with?”

    Does your vehicle change its color when you move to another location?

    • You don’t have to believe in Relocation Astrology if it doesn’t work for you. For me and thousands of my clients, it does!

  2. Dawn:
    I am so sorry that we missed each other.

    Recently I moved out of Tucson.

    I have lived in several places that have all been
    far from my birthplace. (Sometimes you have
    to live it to know it).

    There is no doubt that my fixed sign ascendant
    at birth moved into a cardinal one. …. I am an astrologer also – Ashkada

    • Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I’ve just figured out how to answer these!! (LOL) It’s interesting how we get moved around the world and end up “dealing with issues” that show up because the houses have moved.

  3. Hi Dawn,
    Thank you for your informative article. I have one question. I normally read the horoscope of my rising sign (to find out where the transits, eclipses etc. fall in my natal chart). After relocation, should I read the horoscope for my relocated rising sign or continue to read my natal rising sign?
    All the best,

    • Hi Ashley: It’s a little more complicated than that… If you move more than 100 miles from where you were born you are either going to have the same Rising Sign only at a different degree or a completely different one. Also, the chances are all of your Planets have moved into new houses, which will change how you see the world and how you react in it. Also let’s remember, newspaper astrology, which is Sun Sign Astrology is a very, very, very, small part of who we are. I believe The Moon is the most important planet as it represents our conscious and subconscious mind, allowing us to know how to access our intuition more easily! Does that make sense?

  4. Very interesting. I must travel and see if I exhibit traits of a new rising sign! Mine is in capricorn and I dislike it as I’m earthy and shy and I slip into depression/self doubt easily. Especially in the matter of money or life in general. I’d love to have a sagittarius ascendant. Confident and optimistic. Opposite of capricorn. Must, must travel!

    • Sagittarius Rising does have its benefits. The downside is you can also end up indulging too much in those things you love and may not be good for you! Depending upon where you are born and how far you move will change the Rising Sign. E.G. I was born in England and my Rising Sign is Aries. I live in Tucson, Arizona, where my Rising Sign is Sagittarius!

    • I started writing a response to this several times and realized it’s too complicated to tell you “how” it’s done. You can get a free astrological chart at and in the free section, you can also get your relocated chart. The easiest explanation is you are looking at creating a chart as if you were born in the Relocated location. Depending upon where you were born, would also determine what the time would have been GMT (Greenwich Meantime – Which is in England) if you were born in that location. And lastly, you can always contact me and get a Consultation about your Relocated Chart! Hope this helps.

  5. What about when Neil Armstrong and other astronauts went to the moon? Does that mean he and all the others temporarily ‘lost’ his rising sign? What about thise who fly for a living internationally? Do Circadian rhythm interruptions from international travel confirm this interesting idea? Thanks for sharing! PS: I know how the ‘vibe’ of a foreign country or place far away from home has a different energy ‘feel’ too.

    • Relocation Charts don’t take effect until you have been living in that place consistently for 3 months. I don’t know that Neil Armstrong spent 3 months continuously on the Moon!

  6. Very informative post, thank you!

    But why should moving away from your birthplace affect your rising sign or any other signs in your natal chart? As far as I am aware, the natal chart is a map of where the planets and stars were when we were born.

    • Relocational Astrology is something I have been using for nearly 25 years. The houses change when we move more than 100 miles from our birth. It’s important to understand which Houses are the most powerful where you are living.

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