You On The Radio

The practical nuts and bolts of creating radio guest appearances to increase your business revenue, credibility and database.

Over 100 pages packed with step-by-step details and stories of how to market your business on the radio; allowing you to increase you income, whilst working less, being just as effective and doing something you love!

In this book you will discover how appearing on Morning Radio will boost you business in all ways that are important for continued growth. Receive the tools and resources needed to bring your business to the airwaves.

You will discover what makes radio an excellent marketing strategy. You will learn how being heard on the radio plays out in real time. See how radio exposure increases you income and credibility as well as providing you with new marketing opportunities that will empower you to expand your horizons!

Understand how to determine if radio is “correct” for you and your business. Learn which “method” of being heard on the radio works best for who you are at your core.

Clarify your Ideal Client and how to discover the “right” radio stations for your business to get the most exposure. Learn how “the money” works on the radio and how there is an unending supply when using radio as a Marketing Tool.

Whether you are a Metaphysical Practitioner or Service Based Professional discover how to create a “hook” that grabs a Producer, Morning Show Host or Program Director.

Learn how to create a “give-away” to the listeners that will bring them to your website.

Experience creating your radio PR package, together with discovering where you need to send those packages. Whether it’s snail mail or e-mail you will need to be aware of what radio stations are looking for in terms of reading and listening materials!

Receive the Scripts and E-Mails that have been used to bring about success together with step by step directions on how to create a radio demo from scratch!

Understand the type of talent Morning Shows are looking for and whether you can find these shows on your own or do you need to have a prep service?

Learn about radio formats and demographics as wells some of the lingo that’s important when working in this medium.

Follow along with the next steps that take you from idea to actually appearing on a show.

Learn about the variety of radio personnel with whom you could interact and a little bit more about Morning Show Hosts and their personalities!

Want to know what goes on in the studio? Get a picture of the work that goes on behind the scenes and learn what you need to know about a show BEFORE you approach them with your ideas

What needs to happen after the show? What else can you provide that is of value to the radio show listeners?

Do you want to know how to create a radio segment that can be played at any time of the night or day?

Do you want to obtain sponsorships? What kind of radio segments can you create from your business that will generate income when you are not even there?

If you want to discover how to increase your revenue, without increasing the amount of work you do as well as growing your database and credibility then “You on the Radio” is the book for you.