The Astrology Divas (AUDIO) – Venus – the Planet of Love. What’s your Sign?

Astrology Divas – Astrologer Dawn and Mary D’Alba

For those of you who listened to my Sunday night radio show in Tucson, you might remember “The Astrology Divas”, which is ME, Astrologer Dawn and Mary D’Alba (Spirituality Girl). We talked about Planets, Signs and Houses and other astrological information.

As we are approaching Valentine’s Day The Astrology Divas decided to record something about Venus, the Planet of love.

The recording we created is about 43 minutes and we cover the importance of Valentine’s Day in a variety of countries, the qualities of the Planet Venus as well as Venus through all the Signs and the attributes of those Signs. We also talk about compatibility.

Before you listen to the recording I wanted to point out something that I’d like all of you to realize in terms of taking action.

Mary and I haven’t done this for a few years and rather than waiting until everything is “perfect” (as if there is such a thing!) we decided to go ahead and record what you hear.

So we took action. In taking that action we discovered a couple of things that need tweaking. Firstly she and I both need to be on some kind of instant messenger when we are recording as she is in Boston and I am in Tucson and if we need to say something to each other during the recording, we need a way to do that!

The second thing we learned is that we probably need to record in a different way. I have a conference line we can use, where we will both sound the same!

The third thing we discovered was we need to keep the recordings shorter and more concise. We had an outline of where we were going and next time we might not give as much information in one recording, we may split them up into two.

What’s the point of telling you the above?

I, and Mary, both advocate taking action. The only way to work on perfecting any craft is to JUST DO IT! You cannot know what needs tweaking, whether you are recording something or writing your Life Vision. Tweaking comes after you have taken the initial action.

So if you have been waiting to take action on something in your life and you are either waiting for the perfect time, or to present something in the perfect manner, DON’T! Get going and THEN look at what needs to be changed.

Not only do you learn from the actions you take, confidence can increase. The more confidence you have, the more likely others’ will hear your message.

What is the message you want to convey to others’ in your life? Do you have your written Life Mission and Vision and if not, what stops you from starting to write it? Are you waiting for the perfect time to write? Are you waiting for all the voices in your head to agree on what you would like your life to look like?

Don’t wait, get writing! Get telling people in your life how you feel. It may not be perfect. It’s a start!

Enjoy listening to information about Venus the Planet of love and be aware we will be creating more!

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