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Astrological Happenings August 2017

Astrological Happenings | August 2017 | Astrologer Dawn

Astrological Happenings August 2017

We start the month with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto still Retrograde. On August 3rd until January 2nd, 2018 we can add Uranus Rx in Aries to our list of Rx Planets. You can read more about the Uranus Rx below and how it could affect your life and how you can use it for positive change.

Uranus is a Generational Planet, the same as Saturn, Neptune and Pluto and will affect everyone born within approximately a 10-year period.

A quick reminder of the Planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and the importance of the work you will need to do in those areas.

Saturn – The planet of obstacles and challenges as well as Karma.
Uranus – The planet of the unusual, unexpected, upheaval and disorder.
Neptune – The planet of psychic development, dreams and addictions.
Pluto – The planet of transformation. The shattering and change of the old.

A quick reminder of the houses and the areas of your life that will be affected.

  • 1st House – Self growth and body wisdom
  • 2nd House – Values and finances
  • 3rd House – Communications and learning
  • 4th House – Home and family
  • 5th House – Children and creativity
  • 6th House – Service and Health (also work, not career)
  • 7th House – Relationships and balance
  • 8th House – Joint finances and psychology
  • 9th House – Spiritual growth and long-distance travel
  • 10th House – Career and your standing in your community
  • 11th House – Friendships and volunteering
  • 12th House – Psychic growth and addictions

Let me give you some examples of what you might be experiencing with Uranus Retrograde in the Sign of Aries starting August 3rd.

Uranus represents upheaval, rebellion, turmoil, disorder, innovation, disruptions, breakthroughs, the extraordinary, originality, the unusual and unexpected. Uranus is the planet that awakens us to our lives. It takes us and shakes us and asks us to dig deep into focused areas of our lives so that we can make changes that ultimately empower us to grow.

Uranus Rx shakes loose that which you have been holding onto inside. Anything about which you have been in denial, will bubble up to the surface and force you to look at your denial squarely in the eyes.

Depending upon the house Uranus Rx is moving through in your Natal and Relocated chart will determine the area of life you are going to giving your focus and energy over the next 6 months. Where do you need to awaken? Is it time to stop living with your hands over your eyes and ears? Is it time to step into the light?

Fear of the unknown is usually what keeps us stuck in places and spaces and with people for whom we have no real love or like. We want “certainty”. Certainty comes from the head, clarity comes from intuition. Start listening to your intuition and not your head during this time because your head is not going to be able to keep up with the changes.

Uranus Rx is a time for long lasting and meaningful change to occur. It’s a time to stop hiding from YOU! Uranus when Rx is not an easy experience as it brings sudden and forceful change. The Uranus Rx energy is like an explosion. Coupled with Uranus being in the fiery, impatient, warrior sign of Aries we are going to want to act immediately and cut out of our lives that which does not work.

Will we be able to do that? If you don’t discover what needs to be changed and you hang onto the old, the “old” will be forced away from you in a way that you do not like, when you are not expecting a sudden change.

If you have awareness you need to change the way you live because it’s effecting your physical health and you don’t do it, you will gain another disease on top of the ones you already are dealing with and become sicker!

If you have awareness that your primary relationship needs to end and you do everything to save it, it will still end, just not on your terms and not when you expect it.

If you are aware you are unhappy in your employment and you know you need to move on and don’t, you could end up fired or laid off when you least expect it.

Are you holding onto a house/home that no longer serves a purpose for you? If you are and you don’t walk away during the Uranus Rx you will end up moving from the house at a time when you are not ready.

If you have lived a very cavalier life around money and haven’t really taken that much notice of where the money is going, the change needs to be you counting every penny and making sure the money you have is going towards growing your Life and Business Mission and Vision.

  • What needs to be changed in your life?
  • In what area of your life have you been in denial?
  • What area of your life requires a huge overhaul?
  • What needs to be transformed?

The stronger you resist change, the more you will become aware of a specific area in your life that requires change for you to move forward.

Uranus Rx is a time when we feel very unsettled. We don’t appear to have anything solid to put our feet on. It’s ok. We are getting ready for a shift in our body, mind, heart and soul that is going to eventually create more of a flow in our lives. The disruption might not seem positive as you go through it. It’s the outcome we must focus on which won’t necessarily be seen until January or February of 2018.

The Retrograde factor will bring what needs to be changed, handled or dealt with to the surface over a longer period. You don’t have to rush to make decisions. Take your time and all good things will be revealed.

On August 12th Mercury, which is in the Sign of Virgo, it’s natural Sign, will go Retrograde. As you read this missive, you might already be experiencing some communications issues as all types of communications appear to break down up to 3 weeks prior to the actual Mercury Rx. A good example happened to me today, July 31st, as I’m writing this. I couldn’t figure out why my dryer was taking so long to dry my sheets. They are not thick and it usually only takes about 20 minutes. After 3 hours of turning the dryer on, after it was turning itself of, I had a sudden “thought” (or was that intuition) to go and feel the dryer. It wasn’t even warm. I then ran it for a few minutes. No heat. I ran it for a few minutes more and no heat. The communications between the dryer and the heating element had burned out! Think big when it comes to retrograde communications as it could be your appliances that are not speaking to each other to work!

Another example is that today it took 6 phone calls, back and forth, between myself and a client to speak to each other. When I called her, she was in the garden. When she returned my call, I was in the shower. I then returned her call and she had left her cell phone on her night stand. When she called me back I was out in the garden, hanging my sheets out to dry (remember my dryer was broken) and didn’t take my phone. When I returned that call she was on another call and said she’d call me back and finally she connected with me after another ½ hr., even though I was also on another call! Phew don’t you love the effects of the Mercury Rx!!!

On August 21st, we have a huge happening in our Solar System. Not only do we have our second New Moon in Leo, there will also be a full Solar Eclipse on that date. Make sure you have your sun glasses or appropriate glasses to look at the Black Sun and Black Moon that day. You’ll be receiving more information about the 2nd new Moon closer to August 21st.

Also on August 21st at 6pm (AZ time) I will be offering another FREE webinar, where I am going to look at Karma, especially as we have 5 Planets that are Retrograde this month. More information will be forthcoming as well as how you can sign up for this FREE experience. This time the call will be 1 ¼ hrs. and I will be taking more questions and using my Tarot Cards to give you answers.

On August 22nd, the Sun will enter the Sign of Virgo and we can expect people around us to become very picky with how they want tasks accomplished. It’s a good time to look at your diet as well as looking at if you are doing too much for others and not taking care of you!

On August 25th Venus, the planet of Love, will enter the proud and charismatic Sign of Leo. Love is in the air now and maybe lots of sex for those of you who want to experience that!!!

By August 31st we will still be in the Mercury Rx, except that it will now have moved back into the Sign of Leo. There could be arguments at work and at home. Neither you nor your aggressor will want to back down. Someone is going to have too if you want peace to reign.

Although it hasn’t been scheduled yet, there will also be a FREE call/webinar for those of you who are looking to become successful authors!! Again, you will be notified, so keep an eye out for further information.


The New Moon in Virgo occurs on September 20th. Mercury will move out of Rx on September 5th, although we will still feel the effects for a few weeks after. Pluto will also go direct in September and the transformation you have been working on in the past few months, will start to take place.

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