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The Black Moon

The Black Moon | Astrologer Dawn

On July 23rd and August 21st this year we have two New Moons in Leo!  From now until August 21st get ready to create New Moon wishes in Leo for a 2nd time!

Now, you can get a head start on what you are going to be experiencing as you move towards August 21st and the Black Moon that is occurring this year.

If you have your Sun or Moon in the following signs, what do you need to know?

If you have two different signs, look at both and combine what they say together.


Is it time for you to start a new relationship or take your current one to the next level?  A great time for meeting your life partner.  If you are already in a relationship then moving in together or getting engaged or married could be on the cards.  If you are getting divorced, the process will be much smoother than you imagined as you are ready to move on.


Time to look at what you really value in your life in terms of your belongings.  Do you need to create more space by donating or giving to a friend items that you are no longer attached too or no longer need?  Your financial security will be something you are working towards creating now and it could be time for you to put down a deposit on a new home.  If you own a home, is it time to create a garden, one that you can find peace and serenity when you are there?


It’s a great time to start a new artistic project.  If you are a writer and haven’t finished that novel, get to it!  If you have always wanted to write an article, blog or book and haven’t started, the energy of the Universe will give you the opportunity and the necessary energy to get going.  Gemini and Leo get along very well so your projects will move along smoothly, if you make the correct New Moon wishes on August 21st.


Bringing adventure into your life is going to be important on the next New Moon.  Start to get creative as to what that adventure would look like for the home-bound Cancer.  Any opportunity to get involved with creative adventures with your family or close friends will be something you enjoy.  What about a family art project?  How about a group of girlfriends holding a Dream Board party?  You can work on these projects from your house, which will help you combine your homey Cancer energy and the Leo creative energy.


If you have your Sun and/or Moon in Leo you are getting double the amount of creative energy.  It’s not just creativity that’s accented now, it’s also about leadership and how you carry yourself.  If you have lost weight recently, start looking at putting a new wardrobe together.  If you are an employee, do you want a promotion?  Put together a new resume and make sure you add everything you have done in the past.  If you are in your own business, what new creative ventures will enable your business to grow quickly?


Money, money, money!  How are you creating income in your life?  Are you making what you are worth?  Do you value your skills and talents and are you being paid for those?  Do you know how much you owe and what you have?  This is a great time to get creative and get clarity around all your monies.  It can be an emotional time as you sift through bank statements, credit card receipts, 401k statements.  Remember that you will feel more empowered and have more knowledge when this process is done.


If you are involved in a primary relationship it’s time for the two of you to set goals for the next year.  What do you want your lives together to look like?  Do you have plans to move, have children, buy a home or pay off all your debt (like the Virgo!)?  Go after what you want deep down in your soul and make your New Moon wishes on August 21st that reflect your desires.  Get creative about how you are going to accomplish what you want.  Look outside the box!


What do you need to let go of?  Is there emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, psychological or financial baggage from the past that needs to stay in the past, now is the time to let it go!  This is also a time when getting rid of mementos from relationships that are no longer important to you will be important.  Hanging onto that which doesn’t mean anything to you anymore is going to keep you stuck in the past.  A great time to seek out a Counselor and Coach to handle the past and create a new future.


Fun, fun, fun is the order of the day for this sign.  It’s time to attend as many parties as you possibly can.   Personal and professional parties, networking and other types of connections will allow you to flourish in your personal and your professional life.  If you haven’t been used to going out and mixing with new people, then now is the time.  When making professional connections make sure you have a plan for what you want to accomplish and enjoy!


Time to set clear professional goals.  Your personal life is not highlighted this New Moon cycle.  It’s all about work.  Have you been thinking about changing jobs?  Update your resume and go for interviews, even if you believe you are over qualified or those jobs advertised are not for you.  You may get offered something that you didn’t interview for!  If you have your own business, what are the goals for the business in the upcoming year?  Do you have your written Mission and Vision for the company?  Do you need to hire contractors, consultants or employees?  Get to work on work!


What new projects would you like to get started on during the New Moon in Leo?  Are there rooms that need new paint or carpeting?  If you haven’t chosen them, then off to Home Depot you go.  You could also hire an Interior Designer who will bring fresh and new ideas for those old rooms.  Is it time to take that course you have been meaning to take for ages?  Is it time for you to learn Astrology or some other metaphysical skill?  Have you been thinking about getting involved with a project with friends?  You can have success at those projects now!


Spiritual learning is necessary now.  Have you been wanting to use more metaphysical tools in your daily life?  Get a Tarot or Angel deck that speaks to you and pick cards each day and learn their meaning.  Write down your dreams and then analyze them in the evening.  Be more present, aware and mindful of everything you do.  Be aware that now you will be more aware of others’ motives.  Make sure you stay away from those you feel uncomfortable with.  Listen to your intuition!


I will still be posting New Moon wishes in 2nd Leo just before August 21st.  The wishes will be slightly different from the first one, so be prepared to get busy writing!

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