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New Moon Wishes in Pisces March 17th, 2018

New Moon Wishes in Pisces | Astrologer Dawn

New Moon Wishes in Pisces – March 17th, 2018 at 6:11 am

Each month I remind you…

About 13 times a year the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign at the same time; the New Moon.  When the Sun and Moon are in the same sign there is extra energy in the air that allows you to get clarity on your wishes AND to attain them!

Each New Moon we have an opportunity to make 10 wishes around that month’s Sign.  These 10 wishes need to be made within 48 hours of the New Moon and need to be in writing.  Tuck them away and revisit them as the year goes on to see what has changed and if your wishes come true!

This month the New Moon is in Pisces.  Pisces represents the spiritual side of us, it’s our dreams, day and night.  It is the part of us we can tap into quite easily to intuit what’s going on in our lives!

Whichever house Pisces rules in your chart, is an area of your life you tend to have the strongest connection and intuition around.  If Pisces rules your 4th house, your intuition is strongest around your home, environment, and house.  If Pisces rules your 10th house, you will have a very strong intuitive connection to your career.

Pisces is a dreamer and the negative can be they get involved in escapism through drugs, alcohol, sex, food and gambling addictions.  They can also draw addictive or broken people to them because of the compassion Pisces possesses.



When the New Moon is in the sign of Pisces you may find that you have a more enhanced sense of intuition around your relationships whether in business or your personal life.  If you sense something; ask your partner a question, ask your co-worker a question.  Hopefully, you are in a relationship with someone you can trust and therefore the answer will validate your intuition.

When creating relationships wishes in a Pisces Moon period it’s the time to tap into your intuition when it comes to finding, keeping or getting rid of partner (and I don’t mean knocking them off!).  If you haven’t started your list of what you are looking for in a relationship, then do it when the Moon is in Pisces.

Take ½ hr. to sit down and meditate and tap into your intuition.  Focus on the type of relationship you can intuit would work best for you and write down your answers.  Turn those answers into wishes by writing them in such a way as you are asking the Universe to provide you with what you want.  “I easily intuit the type of values, characteristics and traits in my ideal romantic partner” or “I easily connect intuitively with the correct partner when I’m listening to my inner healthy voice”.

If there are relationships from the past that you believe need to be healed then write a wish such as “I want to easily find myself contacting ______ to offer an apology for my past behaviors, with no expectation of any outcome than my apologizing.”

This is a great time to heal your relationship with yourself and if you are prone to any addictions or addictive behaviors now is the time to wish for them to be gone.  “I want to easily find my addiction(s) to ________ be removed in a calm and stress-free manner.”

Make sure you act.  If you decide to rid yourself of an addiction, check out SMART Recovery, Rational Recovery, Anonymous Programs and therapists that specialize in addictions.


Soul Purpose Career/Work/Career

With a Pisces New Moon, your Soul Purpose Career can come clearly into focus if you are using your intuition and the power of belief.  Start with wishes that bring you into a feeling of happiness and peace.  Such as “I easily find myself happy, content and in alignment with my Soul Purpose Vocation.”  Again, action will need to be taken.

New Moon in Pisces is the perfect time to create a quiet and sacred space in your home. This can be a space that allows you to follow your hopes, wishes, and dreams and receive more clarity on how you truly would love to spend your time and energy.  (The “in order to create income”, this piece comes way after you have created your Business Vision!)

What would you like to include in your sacred space?  A bible, a Buddha, other statues, candles and items that represent a space that brings you peace and calm and allows you to meditate and dream.  This can also be the office space you use to work on your business ideas.  As many of you are creative, this will also be a place where you can draw, paint, build those ideas into physical creations as well as use your computer to create your website, connect with like-minded people and receive income!

If you cannot imagine what that is at this very moment, write a wish “I want to easily discover the items I need to create my own personal sacred space.”

FEARS…. False Evidence Appearing Real… FEARS can come to the surface during this New Moon and you believe those FEARS are real.  Time to meet your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee.  Those voices in your head that tell you “you can’t” or “you won’t” or “no one will….” and the rest of the negative voices.

Time to put more belief in yourself and your abilities and desires than in your FEARS, because what you focus on grows.  A way to handle your FEARS could be “I easily find myself in a space and place within myself where I let go my FEARS and instead take action towards my passions.”  or “I easily attract the correct healers to work with who will teach me how to handle FEARS and replace them with Belief in myself.” and ” I easily recognize my talents, passions, and abilities that will bring me into line with my Soul Purpose Vocation.”

Take the action of writing everything down.  You don’t have to edit until you are in a place to do so.  At this point, it’s all about getting “stuff” out of your head and onto paper!

During a New Moon, you have up to 48 hours to write out your wishes for the upcoming month.  Make sure the wishes are about you and what you want, rather than what you want for someone else. Before you can act, come up with as many ideas as possible about the types of activities you could take. You can even create a wish around those ideas “I want to easily find myself getting clarity on the actions I need to take to move XYZ project forward.”


Allow ideas about your life to bubble to the surface and then WRITE THEM DOWN!

Happy New Moon Wishes in Pisces and may they all come true!


New Moon in Aries – April 15th, 2018, 6:57 pm


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