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Journey to the center of Mercury Retrograde!

Many of you who read what I have written and my spoken word will have heard me talk about Mercury Retrograde. This is when the Planet Mercury, which rules our communications, looks like it’s going backwards in the sky. This happens 3 times and year for about a 3 week period.

What I may not have told you about before is the Pre-Shadow, sometimes called Entering the Rx-Zone and Post-Shadow, or Leaving Rx-Zone effects of Mercury Rx.

The Pre-Shadow phase of this Mercury Rx in Taurus, which started today, April 28th 2016, actually started on April 14th. From April 14th until April 28th I am hoping you were careful about the decisions you made. We may not recognize the details of everything or we may take what we believe are short cuts to get tasks done. These will come back to haunt you after the Mercury Retrograde is over and you will have to deal with the consequences of not noticing the details.

A few years ago a client of mine who had divorced her husband, who had given them both bad credit, realized she was going to need a new car. We talked about the fact that she needed to start that process before the Pre-Shadow of Mercury Rx if she was going to do that, or she would need to wait.

She bought a vehicle the day before Mercury went Rx and was feeling very proud. The car was exactly what she had envisioned, with payments she could afford and it drove like a dream. 6 weeks later when she received all of the documents she had signed for the car loan, she noticed that her interest rate was 17%!!!!

She contacted the loan company and they verified they had her signature on a document that agreed to the interest rate of 17%. Upon pulling out her paperwork, they were right. That was a detail she had overlooked in her excitement of getting a car without the ex-husband. Luckily for her, the credit union she belongs too refinanced the loan to a better rate and lower payments. HOWEVER, it took her a lot of time and energy, worry and anxiety to change what she had created during the Pre-Shadow.

As we have already passed through that period pull out all of your documents and double check what you have signed off on!

This Mercury Rx is in the Sign of Taurus. Mercury will be Rx from April 28th until May 22nd, when it enters the Rx Zone until June 7th.

Mercury Rx in Taurus is a time when we become more deliberate and thoughtful. Many times during a Mercury Rx it will be difficult for us to keep quiet about something that disturbs or bothers us. Not so much this time! You will see behaviors and actions of other people that will have consequences and keeping your mouth shut is what is best for you and for them in the long run.

Mercury Rx in Taurus is a time when we get into alignment with our core beliefs, desire and values. Mercury is the planet that symbolizes communication, journeys and learning. It’s normally associated with quickness, but in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus there is a need to slow down and really look at what is being presented too you and ponder for a while!

Taurus is an earth sign so there is more of a focus on the physical and material world. This can be a time when you find you get sick, especially with some kind of throat infection, or something that stops you from speaking up as much as you are used too. You can also lose money at this time. You might believe you put $20 in your purse and then you discover it’s actually in another purse at home!

During this Mercury Rx learn how to become more stable and grounded with your money. If you have been in debt, get clear about what that debt looks like as well as creating a plan to make it all go away as soon as possible after Mercury goes direct. Taking small steps is the key and will eventually take you to financial freedom.

All Mercury Retrogrades ask us to slow down and review, revise, re-evaluate and re-assess where we have been, where we are now and where we want to go. It’s a time to finish projects that we have already started.

As Taurus is a co-ruler of Venus we will find ourselves looking at our self-worth, money and possessions. What is important to you? Are you looking for peace and serenity in your love relationships as well as your finances? This is a time for reflecting and writing. What is the plan to make that happen? WRITE IT DOWN!!!

Mercury Rx in Taurus is also a great time to get involved in something creative such as singing, painting, pottery or glass blowing or something for which you’ve had a passion in the past and would like to rekindle. Did you sing and would enjoy getting involved with a choir? Seek one out and go visit to find out if that is going to work for you moving forward.

During this time, you might also be looking at past relationships. What have you learned from them? Do you still have relationships that were not completed to your satisfaction? Was there a television series that you started watching and didn’t complete and it’s now on Netflix? Take the time to go back, relax and watch it!

If you bought a wedding dress during the Pre-Shadow, it won’t fit, or the store will have ordered the wrong size, or it’s out of stock and you don’t have enough time to get another one, it will cost you more than you were told. And that’s just the wedding dress.

If you started a business during the Pre-Shadow anything you didn’t take care of in setting up that business will show up in the Post-Shadow to be fixed!

During the actual Mercury Rx, it’s a great time to journal. It’s a reflective and creative time. It’s time for inner work, with lots of writing so you can get whatever is going on in your head out on paper. If you have large projects you’ve put aside like cleaning out your 3 car garage and sending the contents to a yard sale, Goodwill or want to give to friends, then the Mercury Rx is a great time for finishing off what you have been holding onto.

Depending upon where Mercury is going through your own Natal Chart will also give you information about areas of your life that will come more into focus. Don’t make decisions about those areas unless and until you have all the correct information. There is no harm in waiting until May 22nd or even June 7th to take care of making a shift or change in the area of your life that Mercury in Taurus is putting the focus.

So which house is Mercury in Taurus going through in your own chart? (If you are a current Coaching Client and want to know what’s going on for you, make sure you bring that subject up in your next Coaching Session.)
A quick reminder of those houses:

1st House – Body and Soul
2nd House – Money and Self Esteem
3rd House – Communications and community
4th House – Home, house and family
5th House – Children, creativity and romance
6th House – Work, health and Service
7th House – Relationships both personal and business
8th House – Other people’s money and psychological growth
9th House – Higher learning and long distance travel
10th House – Career and status
11th House – Volunteering, close friends and organizations
12th House – Intuition and Spiritual Growth

From May 22nd through June 7th Mercury will be leaving the Rx zone and is considered post-shadow. You may still experience some fallout from actions you took during the pre-shadow.

For example, if you set up a hair appointment on April 20th and it was cancelled during the Mercury Rx, it’s more than likely you will receive a call to say “hey I can now fit you in at the time you wanted. Can you make it?”

If you shipped out an item in the Pre-shadow, that item may be returned to you as there was not enough postage. This actually happened to my husband and I during a Mercury Rx Pre-shadow last year. We ended up with 3 cells phones we didn’t want and tried to return them. Instead of using the US Postal Service, as we were supposed to, we used Fed Ex. That package got lost at the Fed Ex depot and was found in the Post-shadow period and sent back to us.

We then shipped the cell phones via the US Postal Service AFTER the Post-shadow was over. Thank goodness as our cell phone company wanted to charge us $1,750 on our cell phone bill for NOT returning the phones! They credited our next phone bill, so we didn’t have to pay that amount. They also received all 3 phones!

Whatever is coming your way until June 7th, slow down, take your time. Watch your level of frustration with items that break or don’t work or go on the fritz! Life will get back to normal…. Well until the next Mercury Rx pre-shadow that starts on August 10th!

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