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Astrological Happenings April 2016

We start the month with Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius Retrograde, which I have previously written about. By the end of the month we will also have added Mars and Pluto to the Retrograde family! And let’s not forget that on April 28th Mercury will also go Retrograde! Lots of internal work to be done this month

So let’s start with Mars Retrograde. Mars rules where we spend our energy as well as work/career/employment issues and will be Retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius and back into Scorpio until June 29th 2016. So for nearly 3 months you will experience the need to SLOW DOWN! This is a time when you could find yourself running around in circles. Nothing of importance seems to get accomplished, although that’s not true as its internal learning that’s important.

Do you have clear, written goals? Mars Rx is the perfect time to gain clarity around your current and future employment. For those of you who are not sure of your current work environment there could be an unexpected change. You could be fired! Of course you could decide to leave on your own accord. Make sure your resume is up to date during this period or your website, if you are self-employed.

In terms of your relationships you might find quite a lot of tension with your intimate partners and friends as well as those at work! You might find there is lots of disagreements about where you both want to spend time, energy and money. If you have been hovering on the brink of divorce when Mars goes Rx this will be what you need to push you to the court house!

If you are in a happy relationship there will still be tension, but it might come from outside of the intimate relationship. Problems with in-laws? Opportunities to move that only fit with one of you? Don’t make major moves or changes until June 29th as you will need to discover the secrets you have not been told and they will be revealed in late June.

Now onto Pluto Rx in Capricorn. Pluto’s Rx period is from April 18th until September 26th. Pluto rules transformation and with the Rx in full force, you will need to seek your inner truth. I love to ask the question “how many red flags do you need?” Those red flags will become more apparent during this time and if you are interested in having a paradigm shift this is a great time to experience several of them!

Do you have habits and behaviors that need to be changed? Is it time for rehab or a visit to a spa? Allowing your being to rejuvenate is important to your inner and outer growth.

In terms of your career/work/employment arena of your life, you are re-evaluating. Are you really moving in the direction that grows your career? Are you in the correct job? Do you enjoy your work environment? How about the people with whom you work; do you enjoy spending time and working in collaboration with them?

The Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde is going to impact your career a lot more than you personal intimate relationships. Capricorn rules business so this is the area in which you’ll be impacted the most. Depending upon the House in which Pluto is going to be transiting your chart will inform you of the area of business that will be most affected.

For example if Pluto is moving through your 2nd House then your business finances will be affected. If you are self employed there could be a drop in your income. If you are an employee a promised raise or promotion will not come through at this time.

If Pluto is moving through your 7th House then business relationships or relationships with those with whom you work, will become strained and some will be broken. Don’t get into arguments with those at work as you might not come out the winner.

If you have a Consultation coming up with me or are a current Coaching Client, ask me at our next appointment which House in your own personal chart is going to be affected the most. I will give you some tools and resources on how you can handle this period of time to minimize the negative issues.

Venus, the planet of love, that is NOT Rx will be in the Sign of Aries for the majority of April. There are opportunities to engage in new relationships and new experiences this month. If you have always wanted to skydive or driver around the USA (or another country) start making plans!

Be prepared to write out your New Moon wishes in the sign of Aries on April 7th. More to come on this in a separate missive!

Coming next month:
Mercury Rx in Taurus until 22nd. What area of your life are you most likely to experience communication difficulties? Jupiter goes direct on May 9th. Does this mean all of your luck with change and life will get better? Venus will also be in Taurus for the month of May. Are there sensual pleasures you would like to experience?

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