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Are You Suffering From Mind Crap?

Are you suffering from Mind Crap? | Astrologer Dawn

Before you can do anything to change the focus of your “fixing” your life from your head to allowing your intuition to come up with solutions, you will need to know if you are suffering from Mind Crap!!!

Mind Crap is paralyzing and creates roadblocks that don’t allow you to act in moving your life forward. Mind Crap shows up in self-talk and the language you use with others. Learn how to ask the correct questions that obtain answers. Once you have answers, check with your intuition to discover if those answers feel correct for you.

Do you hear yourself using any of the following words?

    1. Think/Thought
    2. Try/Tried
    3. Should/Shouldn’t
    4. Supposed too
    5. Reality
    6. But
    7. Hope
    8. Wish
    9. Figure out
    10. Anxious/Anxiety


Here are some sentences you might hear you or others verbalize:

    1. I think he wants to go out on a date with me.
    2. I’ve tried to make a go of my job, but I just don’t like it.
    3. I should spend more time with my children.
    4. I’m supposed to have a ton of money at this point in my life.
    5. The reality is, I should know what I want to do with my life by now.
    6. I really love my life, but there are pieces I should change.
    7. I hope the dentist doesn’t notice I haven’t been taking care of my teeth.
    8. I wish my life looked better than it does right now.
    9. I need to figure out how to spend my time and energy.
    10. I’m anxious about whether I’m going to get a raise.

Let’s take each of these sentences, and remember, your mind might be telling you “those are not words I use”. If that’s what you hear, check out whether that statement came from your mind or your intuition! Spend the next week really listening to your words as well as what others are saying.

Back to the sentences and how you can handle them…

“I think he wants to go out on a date with me.”
You “think” that or he told you that? You don’t know anything for sure unless you ask a question. If you have been “wondering” then ask “Would you like to go out on a date with me?” Then you will know for sure, yes or no!

“I’ve tried to make a go of my job, but I just don’t like it.”
Anytime you say but, you negate everything you said prior. So firstly, you haven’t really given 100% to your job and secondly, “try” to stand up. You either stand up or you don’t.

“I should spend more time with my children.”
Why told you that? Are you allowing others’ beliefs to determine how you spend your time? Are you feeling guilty and not making your children a priority? Get rid of the “should” and change it to “I could spend more time with my children.” Should is about shame, blame and judgment and it’s difficult to make changes when you are spending your energy putting expectations on yourself. When you change “should” to “could” it allows more possibilities and opportunities for the Universe to provide answers that will allow you to spend the time with your children that is appropriate for all of you!

“I’m supposed to have a ton of money at this point in my life.”
Who told you that? Also, how much is a ton? If you haven’t spent time getting clear about how much money you need and/or want in your life, then “a ton” means nothing and is depressing. Get rid of the judgments of the world and the expectations of others by getting clear about how much money works for you. Track your money for 3 months and see where you are spending that money and if you want to change where that money goes. Do you want to earn more? How much more? Put a dollar amount on your money and then look at what opportunities are out there for you to create income that will take you financially to where you want to be.

“The reality is, I should know what I want to do with my life by now.”
Whose reality? The only reality that matters is the one you create. Who said you ought to be in a certain place at a certain time? Is the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee shouting at you? One of the ways to get clear about how you want to spend your time is to start writing about those activities where you find happiness and joy. Grab some magazines and cut of pictures that speak to your heart and soul. Ask yourself the question “If money were no object, how would I spend my time and energy?”

“I really love my life, but there are pieces I should change.”
What are those pieces you would like to change? What would those changes look like? Stop “shoulding” on yourself and change the word to “could”. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself time to dream and imagine and discover what would be ideal for YOU!

“I hope the dentist doesn’t notice I haven’t been taking care of my teeth.”
Hoping is not an action, even if you believe it is! Instead of just hoping, how about you make plans and take action. Brush those teeth! Recognize and accept that your dentist is a professional and is going to notice you haven’t been taking care of them. It’s also time to assess your hygiene. Where is the resistance to taking care of your mouth? Are you afraid of the dentist and have become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

“I wish my life looked better than it does now”
What is “better”? Define in writing what “better” looks like. I do love the New Moon Wishes I put out each month. I also recognize that just wishing isn’t enough. Asking myself tough questions and owning the answers allows me to define “better” and allows me to make my wishes come true.

“I need to figure out how to spend my time and energy”
“Figure out” is something that is going on in your mind. Your mind will go around and around asking the same question repeatedly until you are mentally exhausted and fall asleep. Ask your intuition “Where do I enjoy spending my time and energy?” “How do I want to spend my time and energy?” “When am, I feeling the most joyful?” “What activities, people and environments bring me the most peace and happiness?”

“I’m anxious about whether I’m going to get a raise”
This is more mind crap. The only way to know if you are going to get a raise is to ask the question “Am I going to get a raise?”!!!! Anxious and afraid are about the unknown. When you are clear and know anxiety and fear have no place in your body.

There are many other questions that will go on in your mind on a minute by minute basis. Your job over the next week is to observe where your mind takes you. Do you hear lots of negatives or projections into the future? Do you hear yourself say you are “worried”? Worry gets you nothing buy an ulcer that costs about $13,000 to remove. So, if you are worried about money, know you can save at least $13,000 by taking action rather than mulling over something over which you have no control!

When you ask questions of yourself or others make sure you DO NOT ASK ANY WHY questions!!! I cannot emphasize that enough. For those of you who are or have been a Coaching Client this is something we talk about A LOT!

Why questions can rarely be answered. However, Who, What, When, Where and How questions are fabulous ones to ask.

Instead of “why didn’t you call me?” which will only irritate the person you are asking that question of, ask “what stopped you from calling me?” That way the other person is more likely to tell you what stopped them. You could also ask “what go in the way of you calling me?” They can then tell you what they chose to do instead of calling you.

The more “Who, What, When, Where and How” questions you ask, the more clarity you will have about your life, the more you will be out of your head and into your intuition. Some of you will have instant intuition, some will need some time to have clarity of intuition. Know how your intuition works in your body and start to listen to either that inner instant knowing, or that gut feeling that tells you yes or no or feeling out your environment to see if it feels correct for you.

Notice, over the next week the statements and questions that are going around and around in your head. Just be aware. Once you have consistent awareness, accept that this is a pattern that has been working for you for a long period of time and its now time to change! Now that you have awareness and acceptance it’s time to take action. Writing can be great therapy and it’s cheap!

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