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Coming in January – Intuitive Pathfinders Podcast

Do you remember Grey Matter or the EvolvingU Radio Show that was heard in Tucson on 92.9?

If you didn’t or are not in Tucson, you might be interested to learn of a 2 hour radio show that happened live on a Sunday evenings in Tucson. Listeners would call in and ask their questions and I would use Astrology and Tarot to answer those questions.

Towards the end of my run on that show, my fellow Astrologer and friend, Catherine Yunt, joined me on a regular basis. Along with answering questions we often had metaphysical topics we would discuss.

Catherine and I decided to create a free weekly podcast that will be 1/2 hr in length and will cover a wide variety of topics all of which will pertain to intuition.

Also once a month we will be hosting a free, live 1 hour broadcast (not sure if it will be a Google Hang Out of something else yet) where you will be able to join us and receive answers to your questions.

The goal of all of the shows will be to enlighten and evolve you with regards to intuition. We are currently putting together a wide variety of topics we want to cover and if you have anything specific you would like us to talk about please let me know by contacting me at dawn@astrologerdawn.com

More information will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks about how you can hear the podcasts for free and participate in the 1 hour sessions.

Ready to move your life forward?
If not now, when?
If not you, who?

More to come……..



Astrologer Dawn