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Be specific in 2016 – Jupiter Rx in Virgo – Get organized!

How does the Universe know what you want unless you are specific! Over the past 20 years in business as a Metaphysical Practitioner and Coach, I have encountered some of the same verbiage from my clients.

We have become so indoctrinated with NOT being specific that we use words to which the Universe doesn’t know how to respond! Words like “more”, “better”, “enough” and “increased” are just a few.

With Jupiter, in the Sign of Virgo, now in retrograde motion until May 9th 2016 we have an opportunity to get organized internally. These next month’s are a period when growth materially (Jupiter rules the growth of money), Spiritually (when a Planet is Rx we tend to work internally and grow spiritually) as well as personally (we work on getting rid of habits, people, places and things that are no longer serving our lives in a positive manner AND allow us to have a healthier body) can happen

I hope those who are reading this missive have a great imagination as I’m going to invite you into reading a scenario that I would love you to see play out in your mind’s eye.

Imagine you are in a restaurant with friends. Each of you has a menu and on those menus are all the important pieces of the Vision for your life. The waitress arrives and asks for your order. Instead of being clear and stating what you want none of the items and writing on your menu is clear. So you decide to ask for the “more money” dish. (By the way this isn’t necessarily a restaurant for food!).

    The waitress asks “how much money?”
    You respond “more”
    The waitress asks “more than what?”
    You respond “more than I have now”
    The waitress asks “which is how much?
    You respond “I don’t know what you mean?”
    The waitress says “in order for me to know how much money in $ amounts you are asking for on this menu, I need to know how much you have now and how much “more” is in dollar amounts. And also I need to know is this what you want to have monthly, yearly in your lifetime? Do you want to manifest “more” for a specific project or experience? Is this so that you can leave your job to turn your passion into the business you have always dreamed of owning? Is this so that you can retire and go back to college?
    You respond “don’t know”
    The waitress says “well if you don’t know I can’t help you. I can give you what you want if you are specific.
    The waitress turns to one of your friends and asks “what would you like to order?” Your friend, having just listened to the previous conversation, has been frantically scribbling ideas down on pieces of paper.
    Your friend responds “I would to bring in income of $150,000 a year selling my hand made dolls around the world to girls between the ages of 5-10”.
    The waitress says “Thank you for being specific. I’m going to bring the tools and resources you need in order to make this happen. You may not recognize all of those people, places, things and situations that will move you forward. Just know that in the background the Universe is working to bring your order to fruition.”
    The waitress turns back to you “Are you ready to order?”
    You respond “No I need to go back and gain some insight and clarity into what I truly want the Vision of my life to look like, write it down, and then I’ll be back!”

Napoleon Hill said “Cherish your Visions and your dreams as they are the children of your Soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”

As we head towards 2016 I want my readers to be aware that you may have or are using these words and in 2016 it’s time to be specific.

Below I have listed some common phrases I have heard through the years together with some of the questions that I ask my client (not all at once and not without them responding! LOL LOL)

“Better hours” – What would that look like? What makes the number of hours you want to work or the time in which you work those hours “better”? What does “better” really mean to you? Do you have a specific number of hours you want to work? Do you want more flexibility in your schedule and that would be “better hours” to you? What does “better hours” mean to you?

“More money” – How much more money? Come up with a $ amount you believe would fulfill the belief that “more money” will solve all of your financial problems. Once you have a $ amount then you need to answer the questions “how did you come up with that amount of money needed?” “Is that the bare minimum you need to survive or it is your dream amount of something in between?” “Have you written your Vision of what you want your life to look like and have done the research as to what that lifestyle would cost?” “What do you believe more money will give you?”

“Significant energy” – What is “significant”? Quantify what you are asking for so that the Universe can oblige. “How are you willing to shift your life and give others “work” you do so that you have more energy?” “If you added some form of exercise, meditation or yoga and deep breathing into your life, would your energy level be raised significantly?” Energy can be difficult to quantify unless you are willing to get clear IN WRITING where you are spending your time and energy. You may discover you are spending an awful lot of your energy on activities that do NOT give you energy and in fact drain your energy! “What are you tolerating that you could remove from your life to allow more positive energy flow?”

“Increased time” – This is the only thing we cannot do. We can gain more energy by re-organizing our lives so they are less stressful. We can make more money and we can ask the Universe to provide us with the working conditions that fit with who you are. BUT what you cannot do is get more than 24 hours in a day. Doesn’t matter how much you wish for more time, that’s never going to happen, and we all know that.

What you have to do in order to increase the amount of time you have to accomplish those things that are important in your life, is track where you are spending your time. This will enable you to see where you time is going and if you want to spend your time in a different manner. There are 164 hours in a week and when we take out everything we do, we are still left with 40 hours a week to spend on ourselves. So where are you spending your time?

“Enough savings” – How much is enough; $10,000; $50,000; $500,000 or several million dollars? How did you determine what “enough” is in a dollar amount? When you have “enough” savings how do you believe you will feel? What stops you from feeling that now? “What happens if you never reach “enough”, how will you feel then?” “Do you have a date when you want to have “enough” savings?” If you do have a date on your calendar and an amount you want to have, you will then have to work backwards from that date to today to discover what steps you need to take in order to bring “enough savings” to fruition!”

This list can go on and on!

Can you think of any words that are nebulous that you use?

If you know where Jupiter in Virgo is going to retrograding through your Chart there will be another level of awareness and a light will shine on the area of your focus in clearing out in the new 5 months.

Maybe it’s time for a Consultation so that you can be aware of the areas of your life that are going to be the focus?

Is it time for an Initial or Follow Up Consultation?

Ready to move your life forward?
If not now, when?
If not you, who?

Are you ready to take your talents, skills and passions and monetize those through your own business? Does the Itty Bitty Sh*tty Committee keep you stuck in your head and taking no action? Maybe it’s time to receive insight, clarity and direction together with business tools and resources to move you forward! Are you ready to enter into the process of becoming an entrepreneur?

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More to come……..



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