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Astrological Happenings February 2017

Astrological Happenings February 2017 –
An Intention and Action month!

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For the first 6 days of February we are Retrograde free! Mercury will move from Capricorn, through Aquarius and end the month in Pisces. Mars, the Planet of energy and work will move through the intention and action oriented sign of Aries as will Venus. Jupiter, the Planet of luck, growth and expansion continues to move through the sign of Libra and goes Retrograde on February 6th until June 9th. A New Moon in Pisces,. which rules spiritual development as well as self-destructive behaviors, occurs on February 26th this year.

Mercury the planet of communication, in the sign of Capricorn until February 8th allows us to research ideas that are important and share those ideas with others in a very methodical manner. From February 8th until 26th Mercury will be in Aquarius and you might find yourself sometimes using your imagination too much. Be careful of conspiracy theories! It’s a great time to talk about your intentions with friends and to join organizations that support your new ideas. From 26th, when Mercury moves into Pisces, become more aware of your dreams and what those dreams are asking you to focus on. You might also discover your intuition has heightened and you are seeing pictures in your head.

Venus moves into the sign of Aries on February 4th. In terms of love, this month, you will find yourself rushing into relationships without giving them too much consideration. Next month you might regret some of your choices, but not all of you. It’s a great time for a holiday romance that only lasts a short period of time. If you are already involved in a love relationship expect to be surprised by your partner with an opportunity for travel or some other kind of new experience you will both enjoy.

As Venus also represents what you love in terms of your career, this could be the month you start your business, start a new job or gain a promotion. A new opportunity around work will present itself sometime this month. Make sure you are tuned into your intuition so that you can take advantage when that opportunity appears. Venus in Aries gives you the opportunity to write out your intentions for the year, together with getting clear around what actions you will need to take in order for your hopes, wishes and dreams come to fruition.

Mars, the planet of action and energy moved into the sign of Aries on January 28th and will stay there until March 10th. Those of you with your Sun sign in Aries have a greater potential for starting a new relationships or venture. If you have your Sun sign in Libra be aware your partnerships could fall apart or your ideas will not get off the ground without the “correct” partner in your life.

Mars also rules your career and Aries rules new beginnings and the ability to take action. Until March 10th, it’s imperative you get clear about your intentions for your professional and personal life. If you want life to change in a way that really works for you, JUST wishing is not going to make that happen. Recently I have been talking with clients about “set your intention, take action and let go of the outcome”. This is a great time of the year to do just that. I say “let go of the outcome” as you have no control over what happens. You only have control over your intentions and your actions. What is your intention when it comes to your career? What need to happens in order to have the career of your dreams? What actions do you need to take?

Write out your intention and a list of actions you can take. Rather than just looking at the list, pick at least 3 actions and take them this month. Sit back and see what happens. Last year when Venus and Mars were in Aries a good friend of mine wrote the intention “I want to earn $75,000 so that I can regain my financial independence and create a new life away from my husband.” She listed about 25 actions she could take and before she could take any of them she was offered a new job that paid $80,000 per year and required her to relocated to another state!!! I sometimes say “be careful what you wish for!” The move worked out fabulous for her personal and professional life. So what intentions do you need to set this month?

Jupiter the Planet of luck, growth and expansion is moving through the loving, harmonious, relationship oriented sign of Libra. However, Jupiter goes Retrograde on February 6th until June 9th.

Does this mean all of your luck with evaporate? No. The good news is that even when Jupiter goes retrograde it doesn’t diminish the power of growth and expansion. It just means that instead of the expansion showing up externally immediately, such as a windfall in money, it’s a time of working on your insides! When Jupiter moves through Libra and turns retrograde it will be a time when certain relationships move out of your life. Have you been contemplating splitting up with your loved one? Contact an attorney if you are married and looking at a separation of divorce. You can still take action at this time. Your plans may slow down so that you can gather all the information you need in order to take the action required to give you freedom.

In terms of your career; your relationships at work can change drastically. If you are employed you could find yourself with a new boss this month. One that you don’t like. You could also be given the opportunity to retire early. Take it as you will be offered more money at this time and if you wait, the retirement package will be less substantial for you.

If you are self employed and are looking at a business partner, make sure you both have your intentions set our for your business. Do you have a written, legal agreement? Do you both want the same experience and result from the business?

The New Moon in Pisces on February 26th 2017. Look out for a separate communique closer to the time, where I will offer ideas, suggestions and information on the type of wishes to write.

The New Moon in Aries occurs on March 27th 2017. Venus, the planet of love, will continue to move through Aries, although it turns Retrograde at the beginning of March. Mars will move into the money sign of Taurus so expect changes around the monies that flow in and out of your life. Jupiter will continue it’s Retrograde motion in Libra so I will be looking at your luck in all types of relationships and what you can do in order to create the best relationship experiences possible.

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