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New Moon Wishes in Cancer 2017

New Moon Wishes in Cancer | Astrologer Dawn

New Moon in Cancer – June 23rd, 2017 at 7:32 PM (Arizona Time)

Each month I remind you…

About 13 times a year the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign at the same time; the New Moon. When the Sun and Moon are in the same sign there is extra energy in the air that allows you to get clarity around your wishes AND to attain them!

This month the New Moon is in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac in Western Astrology and our focus moves towards home, family, foundations, security, heart connections as well as listening to your “gut” instincts.

If you have been hoping and wishing for a new home, now is the time to write out your wishes for that to come to fruition.  A wish such as “I want to easily find the home of my dreams and move into it as soon as possible”, could be a wish that works for you!

Before you start on your New Moon ponder on what Cancer represents for you!

  • Am I ready to set up my home-based business?
  • Do I want to take on a family member as my business partner?
  • Am I going to get involved with the company softball team?
  • Can I let go of my previous relationship that did not work out for either of us?
  • Do I need to create more family time?
  • Am I ready to get pregnant?
  • Do I have the tools and resources necessary to create a garden that I can nurture?
  • Am I ready to focus my time and energy on finding the home of my dreams?
  • Am I willing to listen to my “gut” feelings and follow them?
  • Am I ready to step outside the box and create a lifestyle that works for my family?

Cancer loves to put down roots so not only getting a home becomes important but furnishing it with people and things take place.  For you home you could wish “I want to easily find myself having dinner parties for friends and family on a regular basis.”

Cancer is nurturing and loving and kind and sometimes has a hard time letting go, especially if you are a mother of children who are grown. To let go a wish might be “I want to easily allow my children to make their own decisions and only get involved when asked.”

Cancer has a great business mind and can be excellent in handling monies in a family business. If this is something you would enjoy, a wish could be “I want to easily start a business in which I can engage my family and their talents.”

If you are looking to get engaged or married a wish might be “I want to easily create the atmosphere needed to ask my partner to marry me.”

Cancer is all about caring, empathy, vulnerability and intimacy. A wish to express that might be “I want to easily find myself empathetically understanding others in a way that results in mutual caring and support.”


Last month was about local travel, and communications in all forms. This month is about building a solid foundation. Take those credit reports you got last month and go through them with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they are correct. Last month you would have contacted any debtors and set up payment plans, make sure you have a category in your Spending Plan to take care of you! Massages and Yoga classes are needed when we have New Moon wishes in Cancer! Anything that nurtures your body, heart, mind and soul will be needed in order to feel calm and centered.

You have up to 48 hours to write out your wishes.  Make sure the wishes are about you and what you want.  You cannot make wishes for other people.

You have up to 48 hours to write out your wishes for the upcoming month. Make sure the wishes are about you and what you want, rather than what you want for someone else. Allow ideas about your life to bubble to the surface and then WRITE THEM DOWN!

Happy New Moon Wishes in Cancer, and may all your wishes come true!

Next Month

Join me next month when the New Moon will be in the sign of Leo and it’s all about your creativity, romance and children as well as your ability to lead others.

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