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New Moon Wishes in Cancer – July 4th 2016

For the next 48 hours from July 4th 2016 around 5am in Tucson, Arizona write down your wishes around the sign of Cancer.

This month the New Moon is in the sign of Cancer and our focus moves towards home, family, foundations, security, heart connections as well as listening to your “gut” instincts.

We have Saturn, Neptune and Pluto retrograde so there are opportunities for enlightenment as well as challenges to transformation this month. If you are having difficulty writing all 10 of your wishes, then write them over 48 hours.

A quick reminder……

Unfamiliar with the New Moon wishes? About 13 times a year the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign at the same time. This is called the New Moon and at this time we all have the opportunity to make 10 wishes around the sign for that month. These 10 wishes need to be made within 48 hours of the New Moon and need to be in writing. Tuck them away and revisit them as the year goes on to see what has changed.

This month the New Moon will fall in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac in Western Astrology and represents home, family and foundations.

If you have been hoping and wishing for a new home, now is the time to write out your wishes for that to come to fruition. Cancer loves to put down roots so not only getting a home becomes important but furnishing it with people and things take place. Cancer is nurturing and loving and kind and sometimes has a hard time letting go. Focusing on letting go in your wishes and being specific about what you want to let go of or whom you want to let go of can help you move forward next month when the New Moon will be in the active and creative sign of Leo.

Before you start on your New Moon ponder on what Cancer represents for you!

    Am I ready to set up my home based business?
    Do I want to take on a family member as my business partner?
    Am I going to get involved with the company softball team?
    Will I be able to let go of my previous relationship that did not work out for either of us?
    Do I need to create more family time?
    Am I ready to get pregnant?
    Do I have the tools and resources necessary to create a garden that I can nurture?
    Am I ready to focus my time and energy on finding the home of my dreams?
    Am I willing to listen to my “gut” feelings and follow them?
    Am I ready to step outside the box and create a lifestyle that works for my family?

When the New Moon is in the sign of Cancer and you are employed, there is a need to bond with your co-workers. It’s a great time to nurture your soul by taking an on-line course at home. If you are serious about creating a home based business, then New Moon Wishes in the Sign of Cancer allows you to bring about success.

A wish such as “I want to easily find myself gaining the knowledge needed to create a successful home based business”. Another might be “I want to easily attract the tools and resources I need to start a business and quit working for others”.

If you want to spend time combining home and work then a wish such as “I am easily given permission by my boss to work from home 3 days a week”. As Cancer also rules financial security this is a great month to wish for that. Don’t forget to write “I easily….” in terms of your monies. A wish could be “I easily find myself handling my personal and business finances in a competent manner.”

In terms of creating employment from home, write a list of what you love in your career. Name 10 activities in which you love to be involved. Now is not the time to edit, just the time to connect emotionally with what is important to you. On your list can be “I love problem solving medical insurance issues over the phone with my clients” or “I enjoy the freedom of working flexible hours throughout the week.”

Cancer is a great time to write out your Ideal Lifestyle, so that you can get about the business of creating and living it!

When the New Moon is in the sign of Cancer your intimate relationships with your partners, children, other family members as well as close friends and co-workers will be the focus. You will want to nurture and be nurtured. A wish could be “I want to easily feel loved, nurtured, wanted and needed by those in my intimate circle”. If you want to add more closeness to your relationships, then a wish could be “I easily manifest a closer relationship with _____ and move closer towards marriage”.

If there have been relationships that have slipped out of sight and you want to ignite those relationships again you could write “I easily connect with _______ and easily enjoy a close relationship better than the one, we had in the past.”

New Moon in Cancer also gives us the opportunity to walk away from relationships that are not contributing to our well-being. In some of those cases there are children involved and therefore the relationship will not disappear completely. For those with no children or animals to bond you take some time to write out a wish to move away from that person such as “I easily find myself separating from _____. My wish is to severe the relationship in a calm and committed manner.” For those with children “I want to easily find myself working with my ex to provide emotional security for our children.”

With the focus this month on your foundations, spend time writing about the lifestyle that would suit you best. I like to start with the statement “If money were not object how would you spend your time and energy?” When you start from this premise it’s much easier to create a foundation that comes from your intuition and instinct. When the “money worry” thoughts start to come in, repeat the question. If you can write only area of your life this month, then make it about your home and what that looks like in it’s ideal. Where is that home located? How many people live there? Do you have a partner in this home? How many rooms and how are they decorated? Do you have a home based business in this home? Do you know what that home based business looks like? Getting started on this writing project is the most important piece. Don’t edit, just write and get clear about what works for you and your family and/or the family you want to create.

You have up to 48 hours to write out your wishes. Make sure the wishes are about you and what you want. You cannot make wishes for other people.

Whatever wishes you do write, WRITE THEM DOWN!

Happy Cancer and may all your wishes comes true!

Join me next month when the New Moon will be in the sign of Leo and it’s all about me, myself and I as well as children and your creative pursuits. Anyone want to be an actress?

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