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Astrological Happenings March 2017

Astrological Happenings March 2017

Mercury, the planet of communication will spend the first half of the month in the Sign of Pisces and then move into Aries on March 14th for the remainder of the month. Pisces rules the psychic, the intuitive, the dream state as well as music. In it’s negative it rules addiction. You could find yourself, in the first half of the month having more conversations that are directly connected with your intuition. The words may be out of your mouth before you know what you are saying. Playing soft, relaxing music will help bring calm to you this month. For those of you who are looking at whether you have issues with substances or behaviors, it might be time to talk with a professional about what action you need to take.

On March 15th when Mercury moves into Aries you will find yourself being more forceful in what you say and sometimes even a little rude! You will want to say what you mean and mean what you say. If there are boundaries you need to set in relationships, the second half of the month is the best time to get your message across assertively. Of course, it can also be a time when you find you are more aggressive and may have to apologize for some of those words.

Venus continue to move through the sign of Aries for the entire month of March. The difference with this month is that Venus goes Retrograde on March 4th until April 15th. This is a great time to re-evaluate all of your relationships, whether they are personal or professional. Are those relationships serving you in a positive manner? Are you experiencing growth in your relationships or have you outgrown some of them? Are you clear about what you want in terms of friendship and intimate relationships as well as partnerships in your working life? You could end up in some arguments that appear to be going nowhere this month.

In the second week of March, Mars, the planet of work and energy, moves into the sign of Taurus. Taurus is the money making Sign and is also concerned with your values. What do you value? Your time, energy, people? When Mars sits in Taurus you might decide it’s time to invest in something important. YOU!!! Is there a course you want to take that will increase your income? How about that trip to Australia that you have always wanted to take? Are you looking to buy a new home and/or sell your old one? Is it time to invest in some coaching? (It doesn’t have to be with me!). Continue to set your intentions and take action. Let go of the outcome because you have no control over what happens.

What I have noticed with my clients when they set intentions is that unexpected opportunities come to them. Opportunities they could never have imagined. One of my clients decided to volunteer her time with children who are suffering from incurable diseases. 5 days into her volunteering she, and several others, were asked if they would like to go to Argentina with 4 children, as chaperones. My client had told me, about 6 months ago, that one of the items on her bucket list was to visit Argentina! You never know what will come up in life and how it will come to you. What do you value? What is on your bucket list?

Jupiter, the Planet of luck, growth and expansion continues its movement through Libra. It is also still Retrograde until June 9th. You will continue to be given opportunities to look at your relationships to see if they are going in a direction that works for you. Remember, these are personal and professional relationships. You will have the opportunity, and sometimes the challenge, of working through issues. Some of your relationships will leave your life, making room for those relationships that are more in alignment with who you are now. You don’t need to fight to keep ones that are not working. Be OK with letting the old go, so that you can welcome the new.

For those of you in great relationships, you can make plans for vacations and other celebrations with success. To strengthen those relationships look for romance weekends as well as courses the two of you could take together that will enhance and strengthen the relationship.

If you are in a relationship where financial issues have recently surfaced, get involved in a financial course. Dave Ramsey offers a course that is only $99! An excellent way to spend money and save your relationship, if it’s worth saving!

The New Moon in Aries occurs on March 27th 2017. Look out for a separate communique closer to that time, where I will give you ideas, suggestions and information on the types of wishes to write.

The New Moon in Taurus occurs on April 26th 2017. Venus, the planet of love, will continue to move through Aries, and be out of Retrograde on April 15th. Mars will stay in the sign of Taurus until 22nd of April when it will move into the Sign of Gemini. Jupiter will continue it’s Retrograde motion in Libra so I will be looking at your luck in all types of relationships and what you can do in order to create the best relationship experiences possible. Saturn has been in Sagittarius for nearly 2 years and on April 6th will go Retrograde. What do you need to know in order to weather that storm that is brewing?

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