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Astrological Happenings July 2017

Astrological Happenings | July 2017 | Astrologer Dawn

We start the month with Saturn and Pluto still Retrograde. We can now add Neptune to the planets that have gone Retrograde. The Neptune Rx started on June 16th and will stay Rx until November 22nd. I wrote about Neptune Rx last month and wanted to add just a little more and a reminder about the Saturn and Pluto Rx.

Firstly, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all generational planets. Generational planets tend to affect everyone who is born within a certain period, usually 10 years. They are slow moving and therefore affect us over a longer period. Also, unlike the personal planets, of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, WHEN situations occur they are slower and more intense. Depending upon the house in which your Saturn, Neptune and Pluto is located will determine what area of your life will be affected.

A quick reminder of the Planets, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto and the importance of the work you will need to do in those areas:

  • Saturn – The planet of obstacles and challenges as well as Karma.
  • Neptune – The planet of psychic development, dreams and addictions.
  • Pluto – The planet of transformation. The shattering and change of the old.

Houses and the areas of your life that will be affected:

  • 1st House – Self growth and body wisdom
  • 2nd House – Values and finances
  • 3rd House – Communications and learning
  • 4th House – Home and family
  • 5th House – Children and creativity
  • 6th House – Service and Health (also work, not career)
  • 7th House – Relationships and balance
  • 8th House – Joint finances and psychology
  • 9th House – Spiritual growth and long-distance travel
  • 10th House – Career and your standing in your community
  • 11th House – Friendships and volunteering
  • 12th House – Psychic growth and addictions

Let me give you some examples of what you might be experiencing.

If you have Saturn transiting your 4th house (going through it), then there could be issues in your home or family that need to be dealt with. Family of origin issues that you may not have dealt with will come to the surface. You could also discover it’s time to move or someone is moving in with you or moving out!

If you have Neptune transiting your 12th house, which is its natural house, then your psychic abilities could become stronger. You will have more insight into yourself and others. You will be more aware of your mediumship abilities. You are more tuned into listening to your intuition. On the downside if you are in an addiction or are involved with someone who has an addiction, that addiction could get worse AND/OR it’s time to come to grips with either the substance of behavior that is causing issues.

If you have Pluto transiting your 2nd house, it’s time to take a long, hard look at what is of value to you. Is it your friendships? How about money? Do you have a dream you haven’t pursued and you are discovering you are now spending more time valuing your skills and talents? Monies can go up and/or down during this time. You could also have to deal with bankruptcy just as much as you could deal with winning the lottery and deciding where you are going to spend it all! Slowly your values will change and you will discover the importance of some and the irrelevance of others.

The Retrograde factor will bring what needs to be changed, handled or dealt with to the surface over a longer period. You don’t have to rush to make decisions. Take your time and all good things will be revealed.

On July 20th, Mars the Planet of where your energy is spent, moves into the Sign of Leo. Your energy will be focused on your children, if you have any, or getting pregnant if you don’t! You will also find yourself in a more creative mode and can take on leadership roles at work.

On July 31st, Venus, the planet of what we love, who we love and how we love will move into the Sign of Cancer.

Cancer is a water sign and as such is emotional. Cancer rules the Moon and loves to mother everyone! Venus in Cancer will give you a desire to have people over for dinner. These are likely to be family members or people that you consider family. Your home will be important to you during this period. Make sure you spend as much time in your home, especially if you love it. If you don’t love your home, then it’s time to look for one that you do. Get clear and write down what that ideal home looks like. You will be amazed how the Law of Attraction works when you put your desires in writing.

If you are starting a home-based business, the end of July will be the perfect time for you to create an office out of a spare room or a space you can call your own. If you already have a business that you manage out of your home, you may discover it’s time to hire an assistant to help you from becoming overwhelmed in the upcoming months. You might be tempted to hire a friend. If you want your friendships to continue, I suggest you don’t do that, UNLESS you are becoming equal partners.

Again, this period gives you the opportunity to write out what you both want in terms of the business and to take an honest look at how it will affect your friendship. I’ve seen too many clients over the years go into business with someone that started out being a friend, only to lose the friendship as well as the business!

Now that Jupiter, which is still in Libra, has gone direct, it’s time to make the changes necessary to create relationships that are nurturing and allow you to be your best self. If you have been around people who are putting out negative energy, move away from them as far as possible. You don’t have to move states, although that would help! However, set a limit on how much time and energy you are going to give them. You will also be surprised at how the Universe will support you in moving away from relationships that don’t work. New acquaintances will arrive, when you let go of the old.

The New Moon in Leo occurs on July 23rd, 2017 and you will receive a separate missive about that experience closer to that time.



The New Moon in Virgo occurs on August 21st. We will have a Mercury Rx starting 12th and Saturn turns direct on August 25th giving you an opportunity to clear up some of the negative karma you have discovered whilst it has been retrograde.

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