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The Black Moon

On July 23rd and August 21st this year we have two New Moons in Leo!  From now until August 21st get ready to create New Moon wishes in Leo for a 2nd time! Now, you can get a head start on what you are going to be experiencing as you move towards August 21st and… Continue Reading

10 Ways to use Astrology to find your Soul Mate & Soul Purpose Career

If you want to discover who you are deep down in your core so that you can attract the correct Soul Mate and Soul Purpose Career, you only have to take a look at the Planets, Signs and Houses of your personalized Astrological Chart. For those of you who have experienced a Consultation with me,… Continue Reading

Astrological Happenings June 2017

We start the month with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto still Retrograde. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion will go direct on June 10th. On June 16th Neptune, which rules that which cannot be seen, as well as our psychic abilities, will turn Rx until November 22nd. Let’s start with the Neptune Rx. We become… Continue Reading

Discover The 12 Types of Communicators

What Mercury Sign Are You? It doesn’t matter whether you communicate by voice, braille or hand signals, communication in humans is what allows us to connect with each other. In Astrology, how we communicate, process and take in information as well as our decision-making abilities are shown by the Planet Mercury. The only effect your… Continue Reading