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Astrological Happenings March 2018

Astrological Happenings | March 2018 | Astrologer Dawn

Astrological Happenings MARCH 2018

There are two Planets that will be going Retrograde, starting this month and we have a New Moon in Pisces, where we can get more in touch with our hopes, wishes and dreams as well as the growing of our intuition. More to come later in the month about the New Moon.

We start the month of March with no Retrogrades. Jupiter in Scorpio goes Rx on March 8th and Mercury in Aries goes Rx on March 22nd.

On March 6th Mercury, the Planet of communications enters the fiery Sign of Aries. This can be a time when you are saying exactly what you are thinking in the moment. You can be more honest and direct whilst Mercury sits in Aries. A great time to say “no” and mean “no”. It’s also a good time to say “yes” to those people, places and situation your intuition is drawn towards.

On March 6th Venus, the Planet of Love also enters the Sign of Aries. This can be a time when you want to take a risk and jump into a new relationship. It can be a time when you look at what you are doing as a hobby and start to ask questions that allow you to take that hobby and turn it into a money-making venture.

On March 8th, Jupiter, the Plant of luck, growth and expansion turns retrograde until July 10th. That’s 4 months you can focus on your growth and gain that growth quicker.

For those of you who are inpatient with how fast you are listening to your intuition and following it, the Jupiter Rx will help you hear, know, see or feel your intuition more clearly.

Currently Jupiter is in the Sign of Scorpio. Scorpio rules Psychology, joint finances, sexual energy as well as detective abilities. Scorpio has an ability to uncover secrets and lies. When Jupiter is Retrograde, it’s time to cleanse your soul or secrets. Those you are telling yourself. Have you been “pretending” that everything will be alright in your relationship and yet your intuition is screaming red flag! Red flag!? Time for you to get real and chose a different direction.

If you have been telling yourself that a promotion is just around the corner or that you’ll start that business when….. (you fill in the blank), those things will probably not happen during this period. If you want a promotion do you want it for money, prestige, knowledge, experience or… During this Rx go deep and discover what you really want in terms of your relationships as well as your work.

Jupiter Rx is a time to develop more fully those Scorpio aspects. Take a psychology course; go on line and read about psychology. See how what you are watching on YouTube and reading applies to your life.

When you have a Consultation or are a Coaching client I let you know which House Jupiter Rx is moving through. When you know the House, you also know where you need to target your development.

If it’s moving through your 2nd house, it’s time to look at what you value as well as where your money is being spent. Is it going towards living your Life Vision? If not, then you are throwing it away and you may as well take a trip to Las Vegas!

If it’s moving through your 10th house, it’s time to look at your work environment and your career. Are you spending your time and energy engaged in work that brings you joy and satisfaction? If you are not, it’s time to explore what would do that for you. You don’t have to quit your boring job, that’s what’s paying the bills! However, it doesn’t cost anything but time to write down some ideas of what your ideal career would look like. Is it working for your self or working for someone else?

On March 17th we experience a New Moon in Pisces. Pisces is very spiritual, intuitive, dreamy and illusive. This New Moon will help with the spiritual awareness you are going to need about your areas of development, whilst Jupiter is Retrograde.

On the same day, Mars the Planet of energy and career focus, moves into the business sign of Capricorn. For those of you looking to create your own business you can have some ah-ha moments about products and services that will increase your business revenue. It’s also a good time to approach investors if you are looking for one or more.

In your personal life your might spend time planning out how to buy a second home or a rental property with your partner and for those who are single, love can be found in your work environment.

Of course, that sort of goes against what’s going on in the world with work harassment, so these are not those types of relationships. This is not about you having an affair with your boss! And if you are, you need a Consultation, so we can move you to a better space and place! You could meet someone through a friend who works in a different organization. You might attend a business event and meet and connect with a person who starts out as a business colleague and ends up being a love interest!

On March 22nd until April 15th we will be experiencing a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Aries. Aries is not known for agreeing with others and loves to have their opinion heard. When in a Mercury Rx, there’s a possibility you might blurt out questions and answers and others will look at you as if they don’t know what you are talking about! You might ask direct and pointed questions in all areas of your life. With the Jupiter Rx in Scorpio as well, you could uncover some secrets and lies that others don’t mean to tell you during the Mercury Rx! Hope that makes sense. Watch your words. They will cut people to the quick, which is great if that’s what you want, otherwise you are going to upset some people.

Not a good time to sign contracts when Mercury is Rx. If you have too, make sure you read the contracts backwards and forwards and you question anything that doesn’t feel correct or make sense to you.

You might experience interruption of your cable, tv, telephone and internet services. Take a deep breath. There was a time when we lived without these items. It’s an opportunity to slow down, take a break and recognize if you are spending too much time with technology.

Arguments will happen more frequently at this time, at work and at home. Miscommunication and not asking enough questions will make this period very challenging.

On March 31st Venus, the Planet of love, enters to sensual sign of Taurus. Time for a couple’s massage? Cooking for your loved one will be a huge gesture of your affection at this time. If you have been having issues in your relationship, this can be a good time to get away and have some time together.

On the professional level, use this time as an opportunity to look at what is going to make you happy, contented, joyful and relaxed at work. Do you need to create a space with more family photos and mementos? Is your work space organized enough for you to focus on the tasks at hand? It can also be a great time, if you are self-employed, to reach out to an Angel Investor to grow your business. For those of you employed, make sure you have a mentor to talk with so that you can make plans to move up in your profession.



My next FREE Connection will be on Tuesday, March 13th at 6pm (AZ) time. This time I’m going to be using Facebook Live. Join me on Facebook.

Coming up with a topic right now! Anything you want to hear about?

However, as always, I will be taking your questions and using my Thoth and Robin Wood Tarot Decks to give you answers.

If you would like to submit a question to me prior to the Webinar, send questions by March 11th to dawn@astrologerdawn.com The more specific you are the easier it is for the Universe to have clarity around what you need to hear.


The New Moon in Aries occurs on April 15th. Mercury goes Direct on April 15th and we have another 2 Planets that will turn Retrograde in April, Saturn and Pluto. What area are your life do you want to transform during the Saturn and Pluto Rx? Read more about that in the upcoming Astrological Happenings for April 2018.

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