New Moon Wishes in Taurus – May 6th 2016

For the next 48 hours from May 6th 2016 around Noon in Arizona you have the opportunity to write your wishes around the sign of Taurus. Keep in mind that Mercury is Retrograde in Taurus at this time, so you might find yourself procrastinating this month on writing those New Moon wishes. You only have 48 hours so write 2 at Noon on May 6th, 3 in the evening and the same again the next day to overcome the procrastination factor. There is always a way around astrological problems and issues!

A quick reminder……

For those of you new or unfamiliar with the New Moon let me explain briefly. About 13 times a year the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign at the same time. This is called the New Moon. Sun and Moon in the same sign bring extra power and ability to become empowered!

Each New Moon we all have the opportunity to make 10 wishes around the sign for that month. These 10 wishes need to be made within 48 hours of the New Moon and need to be in writing. Tuck them away and revisit them as the year goes on to see what has changed.

This month the New Moon will fall in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac in Western Astrology and represents what we value in our personal and business lives as well as how we show up in this world with regards to our relationship with the material world, especially how we see money in our lives.

The Taurus energy moves slow and steady, gathering all the information, knowledge and experience it needs before taking action. Taurus rules sensuality, pleasure, self-love and that which is of value. The Taurus energy allows you to create the life you want in a very efficient manner as well as in writing. The Taurus prefers to see what is expected of them in writing so they can create a plan. This being has the commitment to keep going when all around them are falling apart.

The downside of the Taurus is their stubbornness and their inability to change courses even in the face of evidence showing them they need too! The stubbornness can be a blessing and a curse.

When the New Moon is in Taurus it’s time to get clear about what you truly value. Don’t bitch and complain about certain girlfriends, only to say “yes” to going out for cocktails two days later with them. Stop complaining that you are not being paid enough where you work and start looking at what you need to do to change that dynamic. Get clear about the issues and deal with them directly! When doing this during a Taurus Moon you are more likely to easily embrace your true values.

Ask yourself “what do I value about my relationship with XYZ?” “What is important in this relationship?” “Is this relationship one sided or is there give and take?” “Are my friends going in a direction that isn’t correct for me?” “Do I feel like I am counseling all of my friends rather than being an equal?”

What do you value? What is important to you?

Taurus is a co-ruler of Venus, the planet of love, so making wishes around what and whom you love is going to be very important this month.

Before you start on your New Moon wishes ponder what Taurus represents for you!

    Do I want to attract the correct amount of income commensurate with my experience?
    Do I need to create the written financial pieces for my new business?
    Am I interested in more sensuality and romance in my intimate relationship?
    Do I need to manifest the energy required to persevere in being an Entrepreneur?
    Do I desire to buy a home, a piece of art or invest in a business?
    Do I need to embrace more patience in my home and work life?
    Do I desire a promotion and raise and need to put together a portfolio of my work to present to my boss with a proposal?
    Do I know what will give me satisfaction in my personal and professional life?
    Do I want to create a solid financial foundation for myself and family?
    Do I want to be more aware of when my intuition is speaking to me?

Business and Personal
This New Moon is about awareness of what is most important to you. It’s not the speed of light movement like the Aries. It’s the slow moving tortoise that gathers what he needs along the way and finishes the race first! Wishes that grow your self-awareness will be important as well as lots of wishes around what you value and money this month.

A wish around your business could be “I want to easily attract my projected income of $200,000 by the end of 2016.” Or “I want to easily find myself connect with the correct clients for me that produce the income I desire.”

As Taurus also rules touch if you have not been taking care of your body you may want to include a wish such as “I want to easily find myself booking a massage once a month” or “I easily discover the best Yoga and Meditation Class that fills me with contentment and peace.”

If you have any debt whatsoever, this is the best New Moon of the year to write wishes that will allow that debt to move out of your life in a manner that doesn’t allow you to bring it back again! What do I mean by that? Sometimes when we have moved away from all debt, we don’t feel comfortable and we re-create it again. For those of you in debt your action piece will be to gather all of your financial documents together and in writing discover what you owe and what you have coming in. For those of you without debt this is a great time for you to plan to spend some of your hard earned cash on luxury items. Taurus loves art, so keep an eye out for something special.

With the wishes around money this month, make sure you include something like “I want to easily find myself learning and utilizing successful money management skills to keep me debt free” or “I want to easily attract the correct financial examples into my life that will assist me in empowering me with my finances.”

If you really want to create a Soul Purpose Lifestyle, then we need to start with your Soul Purpose Passions. It’s the beginning of something big, if that’s what you want.

Whatever wishes you do write, WRITE THEM DOWN!

Happy Taurus and may all your wishes comes true!

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