New Moon Wishes in Gemini – June 4th 2016

For the next 48 hours from June 4th 2016 at 7:59pm in Tucson Arizona write your wishes around the sign of Gemini.

Be aware that we still have Mars, Saturn and Pluto retrograde so in employment matters you may find it difficult to have clarity to write out those wishes. Split the wishes up over the 48 hours. It takes less than 1 minute to write out a wish and we can do pretty much anything for 1 minute!

A quick reminder……

Unfamiliar with the New Moon wishes? About 13 times a year the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign at the same time. This is called the New Moon and at this time we all have the opportunity to make 10 wishes around the sign for that month. These 10 wishes need to be made within 48 hours of the New Moon and need to be in writing. Tuck them away and revisit them as the year goes on to see what has changed.

This month the New Moon will fall in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac in Western Astrology and represents communications, whether that is in writing or speaking, over the Internet or in person. Gemini wants to learn as much as teach. Gemini is inquisitive and curious and the more Gemini planets you have in your own personal chart will make it more likely you will be able to write out those wishes. Gemini’s make great journalists, novelists, blog writers and teachers.

Before you start on your New Moon ponder on what Gemini represents for you!

    Is my resume current and ready to be sent out for a new job opportunity?
    Do I have a written business plan for my new venture?
    How do I want to communicate in my intimate relationships?
    Do I need to share my ideas about an entrepreneurial venture with my most trusted allies?
    Do I know which traditional and/or non-traditional courses I want to take or teach?
    Do I desire a promotion and raise and need to put together a portfolio of my work to present to my boss with a proposal?
    Do I know what will bring me mental growth and stimulation in my personal and professional life?
    Do I want to create a solid written life vision for myself?
    Do I want to be more aware of when my intuition is speaking to me?

In terms of your career and/or vocation when the New Moon hits Gemini, it’s the best time to write out your ideal life, so that we can get about the business of living it.

Talk out your ideas with others with whom you feel safe. If you have been writing a book, article, poem, piece of music, play, documentary, film or even a letter to your lover, NOW is the time to pick up your pen or sign onto your computer and work on completing what you started and send it to out at this time.

Your wishes are focused on communications so “I want to easily find myself asking the correct questions to move me forward with my Soul Purpose Vocation.” would be a way to move you closer to understanding how your authentic self would prefer to spend it’s time! Another wish could be “I want to easily find myself making time to research on the Internet the ideas I have for creating my Soul Purpose Vocation.”

Keep note pads everywhere, so that you can take notes when the ideas hit you. Alternatively carry your phone everyone and keep your notes there! Don’t forget to gather all the notes up at the end of the week and separate them into the areas of your life. Decide which area you are going to work on and use the ideas you have written as a catalyst to move you foreword.

With Gemini energy it can be difficult to focus as the energy gets dispersed very easily. We get distracted by so many other bright and shiny things. It’s important to write down your ideas so that, even if you are not ready to work on them in this moment, you can come back to them and you won’t have to start writing from the beginning.

When the New Moon is in the sign of Gemini, you will have lots of questions for your partners. You may find yourself making plans for local travel. Is it time to see more of your local surroundings, rather than looking for a long distance trip? As wish could be “I easily discover the best place for a vacation with my loved ones.” Ask your partner for a list of places they would like to visit within 100 miles and visit as many as possible.

You will want to be heard and seen. In terms of wishes, focus on the ease of communication, or the flow of information. You might write “I find myself easily communicating my thoughts, emotions and needs to my partner in a loving gentle manner.” or “I want to find myself setting healthy boundaries with my partner and the ability to communicate those boundaries in a positive light.”
As always action is important. Take time to set up a date when you know you will both be relaxed in order to create an environment that is conducive to healthy connection. Take your loved one out on a picnic. In Tucson it will have to be a breakfast picnic at this time of the year!


Last month was about looking over your financial situation, this month is all about communications. If you need to order your credit reports to see where you are at financially, go on line and receive your free yearly credit report from the top 3 agencies. Now that you know what you need to payoff in order to have a clean credit report, call companies and set up payment plans. For those of you with no money issues, look at where you want to invest. Spend time researching and asking a ton of questions.

You have up to 48 hours to write out your wishes. Make sure the wishes are about you and what you want rather than what YOU want for someone else. Those wishes don’t work!

Whatever wishes you do write, WRITE THEM DOWN!

Happy Gemini and may all your wishes comes true!

Join me next month when the New Moon will be in the sign of Cancer and it’s all about the emotions, home and the heart!

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