Intuition – Do you know how it feels? Do you listen? Do you take action?

Is your intuition speaking loudly?

We all have intuition and when we are tuned into our body energy we also all “know”, “feel” “sense” and “hear” that intuition loud and clear!

Years of being conditioned to listen to our heads has, for some of us, taken away the ability to listen, follow and act upon that intuition.

Yes there is more than one part to intuition. It’s not enough to just hear, know, sense of feel your intuition. Listen to what your intuition is saying and then you MUST also act upon it! It’s the acting upon your intuition that strengthens that intuitive muscle.

We arrive in this world with our intuition turned on. We know exactly who we are, what we believe, where we are going and listening to our intuition. You can see it in a baby when they are hungry, need changing or need hugging and loving. They cannot speak words; yet their yells and screams let you know something is not working for them and are heard by most parents loud and clear. The smiles and giggles are also great examples of babies sharing with whoever is tickling their tummy or blowing bubbles in the air for them to watch pop in amazement.

The longer we are in this world the “big people” called parents or caregivers start to dictate to us the experiences they want us to have. They also make decisions that influence who we are and where we are going. They only really know for themselves where THEY are going and who THEY are. However because they are bigger, speak a language out loud and have their own life experience and are basically in charge, they get to instruct the new little being on being human. Well at least in a way that works for them!

As we move through childhood, the teenage years and into young adulthood we are conditioned by those around us to listen to our “head” for answers, to question our intuition. We have friends that don’t always have the same outlooks or beliefs as us, sometimes because their “big people” have a different direction and guidance system for them.

We start to feel confused and disconnected from our bodies. We walk down dark lanes, when our intuition is screaming “don’t walk down there by yourself it’s not safe.” We meet people we don’t like or trust and yet we let them into our lives because it’s the polite thing to do. When they let us down or screw us over we know inside it’s because we let them in when we intuitively knew we were going to get hurt.

We take jobs where we are unsatisfied, unhappy and unmotivated because we have been taught “you have to get REAL job in order to live”. What is a “real job” by the way???

We stay in parts of the country or the world that we don’t enjoy when our hearts and souls are shouting for us to explore other cultures and countries that make our beings come alive.

We say “yes” when we really want to say “no” because we don’t want to offend someone or upset them. Or, visa versa, we say “no” when we really want to say “yes” because we are afraid our experience will not turn out the way our intuition is telling us it will.

Our world can become smaller and smaller as the FEARS that lay in our head take over our intuition, the older we become. Until one day you end up leaving your job and husband, now that the kids have grown, and you backpack around Europe to re-discover who you are!

It doesn’t have to be that drastic when you are listening to your intuition on a regular basis.

I remember many years ago reading the book “Eat, Pray Love” and saying to myself “I’m glad she finally listened to her intuition and went off to discover herself. I wonder what would have happened if she had listened earlier?” My intuition said “she wouldn’t have had a book to write!” I laughed at myself….

How can we become more aware of our intuition
Sometimes it takes a big event to knock us sideways before we listen to it and sometimes it just takes living day to day and recognizing the “voices” (I am calling intuition that for lack of a better term. Come up with your own.)
We have to do the inner work and the outer work.

The inner work is understanding who you are at your core, where your intuition can be heard or felt and gaining the tools and resources and learning to trust that intuition. The outer work is acting upon your intuition and watching and documenting the outcome.

There are so many metaphysical and traditional ways you can discover more about the puzzle of you. It’s important you chose those with which you resonate.

For me Astrology and Human Design are at the foundation of me being me and understanding me! Maybe for you in the metaphysical world it’s Numerology, Runes, Spirit Guides and Angels, Tarot Cards and the wide variety of other resources you can discover.

In the traditional world you might have experienced a DISC or Myers Briggs “test” where you have discovered more about your personality and how you fit into this world. All of these tools and resources can give you a stronger understanding or the “real you”. You will need that in order to feel confident in hearing and acting upon your intuition.

As you are reading this missive, you are connected to me via the Metaphysical, so that’s the area upon which I focus my writings.

Strengthening your Intuition
Hearing your intuition loudly, listening and acting upon that intuition takes time. Sometimes your intuition becomes more clear because you recognize you didn’t listen to your intuition or that you allowed someone to talk you out of listening to what was correct for you.

Having been in my business that’s included intuition for nearly 20 years I can look back at how I grew my intuition, so that I could hear it more loudly, listen and act upon what it was saying.

When I was first starting out reading Tarot cards I had an opportunity to read for a woman that knew she was going on a long distance trip. We both knew she was going on the trip so when the card of a long distance trip (in that particular deck the long distance travel card was signified by The Chariot card) showed up she just knew it was the trip to San Francisco.

My intuition told me the placement of the Chariot card in her reading was a different trip that she would be taking and not a happy one. Over the hour we talked I allowed her to convince me that the trip was her trip to San Francisco that she was going to be taking in 3 months. I had told her through the time we were together “this trip is sooner and doesn’t look happy to me and I don’t even know you’ll end up going to San Francisco.” (she never did).

Throughout our Consultation I also got other messages that I passed onto her. One was that she hadn’t spoken with her father for a while and I was intuitively told “give him a call tonight and catch up.”

At 4am the next morning I received a call from this woman. She was on her way to the airport. She was going to Cleveland, Ohio. Her father had a massive heart attack in the middle of the night and died. And yes she had talked to him for a couple of hours prior to his death, a death that could not have been prevented.

It was one of turning points of me listening to my intuition above someone else’s intuition, especially when I was reading Tarot Cards.

Years later that same woman took me to a road in Tucson and asked me about a house she was thinking of buying (from the inheritance she had received, which by the way had also shown up in the initial reading with her, except it showed up as extra money not where it came from)! I kept looking at the road above the one we were standing on and said “no this isn’t it. It isn’t this road.” A week later she called me to tell me she had bought a house on the road above the one we were looking at and the one I kept staring at.

Another confirmation that my intuition was telling me something and I needed to listen.

My biggest intuition around this woman came many years later when I was told by “the big boss” that everyone on my radio show was going to be fired except me! I immediately heard my intuition say “she will never speak to you again. She will blame you.” I also told the “big boss” this as well and he told me I was wrong.

Of course the firing had nothing to do with me and was a corporate decision and the others involved with the show had no problem with being let go and recognized it wasn’t anything I had created and yes I was right, wish I wasn’t, she never spoke to me again. It’s all ok.

The other thing about your intuition is that there will be many times when you know some unpleasant and unhappy things are going to occur for you or someone else and there is nothing you can do to change that. You don’t have the power. You only have the power to hear, listen, follow and act upon.

Action step you can take right now!
Not listening to your intuition is a form of lying to self. Over the next month grab a notebook and pen (yes I know it’s old fashioned AND pen and paper connect you more firmly with the earth!) and start to take notes on when you are hearing something intuitive. When you hear “turn left on Broadway” and you don’t do that, what happened when you turned right?

When you meet someone new and have a feeling that you don’t like them and yet have no idea “why”, write about it in your intuition journal. You’ll discover the “why” later on. If your intuition tells you to go to a certain store or have a certain experience, what happened when you acted upon that intuition? What happened if you didn’t?

Becoming more aware of your intuition will also bring up the IBS Committee to the surface. The IBSC doesn’t want you listening to your intuition. You know they are in play the minute you have an intuitive experience and you start to question your intuition.

E.G. You hear “go to Farmer’s Market on Saturday and buy goat’s milk.” The next thing you hear is “it’s too far away. I won’t have a way to get there. I don’t want to go on my own. You don’t even know if you like goat’s milk” or anything else that questions your intuition.

It’s not your intuition it’s the IBSC who wants you to live in FEAR. (False Evidence Appearing Real) Because the more you live in FEAR, the less you live in your intuition. The less you live in your intuition the further you are away from the real you! The further you are away from the real you, the more your life sucks!!!

What works best for each of us? Listening to our intuition!

If you need help getting re-acquainted with your intuition then contact me for either an Initial Consultation or a Follow Up Consultation.

Those of you who Coach with me know that during the Coaching process you are much more connected with your intuition than before we worked together. That’s because of the inner and outer work in which you are engaged. You are strengthening your intuitive muscle.

If not now, when?
If not you, who?

Do you need help in assessing and then coming up with the correct tools, resources, and focus?

Are you ready to take your talents, skills and passions and monetize those through your own business? Does the IBS Committee keep you stuck in your head and taking no action? Maybe it’s time to receive insight, clarity and direction together with business tools and resources to move you forward! Are you ready to enter into the process of becoming an entrepreneur?

For Consultations and Coaching, please contact me at either or call 520-419-5419.

More to come……..



Astrologer Dawn

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