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What Mercury Sign Are You?

It doesn’t matter whether you communicate by voice, braille or hand signals, communication in humans is what allows us to connect with each other.

In Astrology, how we communicate, process and take in information as well as our decision-making abilities are shown by the Planet Mercury.

The only effect your Sun Sign has on your Mercury Sign is that Mercury can only be either in your Sun Sign, the Sign before or the Sign after. For example, if you have your Sun in Virgo, your Mercury is either in Leo, Virgo or Libra. You can’t know for sure which Sign your Mercury inhabits without creating an astrological chart. For a correct chart, you will need to know your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. If you don’t have your astrological chart, you can create one for free at Follow the instructions and discover where your Mercury is located and then come back and read the remainder of this article.

Use this information to discover how those with whom you have an intimate relationship, friendship or work with communicate. Below are some traits of each of the Signs in which your Mercury could be located:


These people often make very quick decisions and either don’t think about what they are saying and/or don’t care how they come across to others. As a fire sign, and the first sign of the zodiac, they love to lead and they are driven by a need to know, NOW! They like instant gratification and they may hound you for an answer if you don’t answer their questions quickly enough.

Mercury in Aries are quick, to the point, direct and sometimes others will think they are being rude for asking such pointed questions. In terms of learning, they are great on line learners as they can zip through the information at their own pace. Aries tend to have lots of new ideas and want to communicate with everyone what they know. They can get very excited by their ideas and have tons of motivation and enthusiasm for what they are planning to put into action. Their communication style can be short and sharp. They want to get their point across in as few words as possible.


Unlike the speedy Aries, Mercury in Taurus take their time in terms of communication. They must know all the information before they decide and impart that information to others. They can be very stubborn with their opinions and it’s quite difficult to change their minds about what they believe.

Mercury in Taurus can take a long time to start projects but can work long and hard on projects in which they have a strong belief. Common sense and logic are important to this sign and they are very deliberate in the way they communicate with others. Listen to the Mercury in Taurus because they won’t give you information unless they have spent time researching and understanding their subject completely. As Taurus is a sensual sign they may use all their senses when gaining clarity around a subject. As a practical, earth sign they believe in talking in a very down to earth matter of fact and pleasant manner.


Gemini is one of the two rulers of Mercury. If you have your Mercury in Gemini you have it in its natural place and it’s very easy for you to communicate. Gemini’s are very quick witted and can move from subject to subject at, what can appear, to be a lightening pace. They know a little bit about a lot of subjects. You’ll never get bored being around a Gemini!

Their abilities to retain facts and figures is very impressive, although if you do delve into what they know, you will find they get bored of subjects and move onto new ones quickly. Gemini’s need to be involved in stimulating environments and with people who “get them” and can “track” when they move from subject to subject. They are very fast learners and have open minds when it comes to learning. Learning and communicating comes easily and they can learn and communicate in all types of formats. Their writing abilities are only rivaled by Mercury in Virgo, the other ruler of Mercury.


As feelings are the most important attribute to the Cancer, they put a lot of feeling into their words. Cancer call also be very sensitive and if you say something to them they do not like, they will withdraw into themselves. They are thoughtful and loving when they do talk. Sometimes they are slow to respond because they are checking out how they feel about what you are saying.

Cancer is a meditative and reflective sign. They are great listeners and put a lot of energy into giving you the response that is going to make you feel like you have really been heard. Cancers are like elephants, they never forget anything, so be careful what you say to them. If it’s nasty, years later your words will come back to haunt you! Words are not as important as the emotions behind those words. As a water sign, and one of the naturally intuitive signs, they are interested in how you make them feel or how they make you feel when they speak. Because they are emotionally driven, they can become very defensive if you say something, that whilst its true, they may not like. They are the best listeners of all the signs, so if you communicate with them, you know they are hearing you and connecting with you on a deep level. They tend to avoid arguments and want to talk disagreements out, using emotional language.

Mercury in Cancer can be very effective speakers and writers, especially if they have Leo or Gemini Suns. Their ability to “feel out” their audience is extraordinary. Also, they can present things concisely, yet powerfully.


When Mercury in Leo people speak, they do it with authority. They are leaders and are charismatic and want to be seen that way. They can see the big picture of a situation and they tend to overlook some of the facts! As a fire sign, Leo is action oriented. They love to win over others and their ability to persuade people to believe what they believe is second to none! This sign is full of warmth and charm and they are excellent at selling themselves, a product, a message or a truth!

Mercury in Leo are very attached to their own opinions and do not like to be told they don’t really know what they are talking about. If you injure their pride they can withdraw and lick their wounds until their self-esteem has been restored. These signs are creative and somewhat childlike. They have a ton of ideas they want to share and do so in a manner that wins over whoever they are communicating with. They love an audience and make great presenters or speakers. They tend to be detached and very reasonable when discussing matters and have an ability to separate fact from fiction.

Their ego can be huge and some can come across as arrogant in terms of the knowledge they are imparting so the point where other people feel they are being talked down too. If they are insecure, some of their communications will come across as boastful and they will appear to be so self-absorbed that you cannot reach them. They are great storytellers and most people will listen to a Mercury in Leo for hours because of their ability to hold you in the palm of their hands verbally.


Mercury in Virgo is the co-ruler of Mercury, together with Gemini. These people know their stuff when they speak. They are detail oriented and sometimes can give you too much information on a subject. They are orderly and tidy and like to be in control of practical every day matters. They work best when everything is laid out for them and they know exactly the next step they need to take.

Their writing skills are excellent and you can be sure that if you read an article written by the Mercury in Virgo you are going to receive all the facts. When you speak to them and you say something incorrectly, in their eyes, they will point it out to you. They can be very nit picking when it comes to communications and have no problem correcting your speech and/or your written words.

Virgos love to learn. They need to be in an environment that is organized and they know what they are going to learn each week of a course. They love to research and if you are teaching them, you had better know your stuff, or they will correct you! This sign is very resourceful and will find out information that others cannot. A great example for me, Astrologer Dawn, who has her Mercury in Virgo is that my husband was looking for size 14 wide basketball shoes for our son and had spent about a year researching and not finding them. When I was involved in the search, it only took me 15 minutes to come up with a store that sold them. I went out the next day with my son and within 1 hour we had 2 pairs of the shoes he was looking to wear. It’s always a good idea to involve a Mercury in Virgo in your research as they can usually find it quicker than any other sign.


Mercury in Libra are the natural communicators. They love people and love to talk and listen and engage with others. They can be very diplomatic and will take in everything you are saying or asking before giving you their opinion. Sometimes the Libra can appear to not have answers. They do, it’s just that they can listen to all sides of an issue and have difficulty deciding as they can see all sides of the coin. They enjoy being fair and justice, peace and harmony are important to this sign.

If the Mercury in Libra does find fault with others they are very gentle in how they impart information to others. They are not interested in hurting the feelings of others and they want to be the people who can impart knowledge in a compassionate manner. If you are struggling with any life issue, the Libra is the person to consult who can help you work through and sort out your feelings. Compromise is important to this sign and they are happy to talk things out with you until you come to an agreement that works for both of you.

Mercury in Libra enjoys learning and being involved in courses where they can hash ideas out with others. Always doing this with a pleasant voice and manner. They are not likely to be rude, unlike their opposite sign of Aries, and will take their time to make sure you understand what they mean, just as much as they will want to understand what you are saying. They make great arbitrators because of their desire for fairness in all matters and a desire for everyone to feel comfortable about decisions in which they are involved.


These people have more depth than any other sign and you will discover that in all communication matters. In fact, sometimes you might feel like you are being interrogated by this sign! They are looking to get to the heart of the matter, to the truth of what you are saying.

Scorpios have incredible powers or perception and observation. They appear to know and see everything that is going on inside you and will give you information about you and what’s going on with you, even when they know very little. They are interested in your body language and can read that language very well. Scorpios are the detectives of the signs always wanting to know more.

These signs are passionate when they speak and write. Their honesty can be quite scary, especially if you believe you have been able to keep secrets from them. You can’t, so don’t try. Sometimes they can be very suspicious of your motives and that is mainly because their motives are not always pure.

Scorpios cannot bear superficiality and would much rather dig deep into a subject until they understand it fully. They are the psychologists of the signs and will keep digging until they get to the truth. They are naturally suspicious of others’ intentions. These signs are great at giving advice. Sometimes they can come across as negative, although they are just looking at the worst-case scenario to help you from getting hurt.

If you hurt the Scorpio with your words they will cut you out of their lives instantly, without a backward glance. They have great instincts, as they another of the water signs, and don’t like to second guess themselves. It’s hard to win an argument with a Scorpio as they are driven to be “right”. If they love you, they will defend and support you to the death, even if what you are saying is incorrect!


These are the optimistic communicators. They are always looking for something positive in either yours or their communication. They are freedom loving and forward thinking. They have very big ideas and want you to agree with them, without knowing the details of their projects. They are not so good on the details and like to look at the big picture. You will probably notice that all their reasoning doesn’t make sense. If you confront their intelligence or the information they are giving you, they will not like it and will find a way to put you down.

These people mean well and have a thirst for knowledge. They can be restless and move from one subject to another when bored, like their opposite sign, Gemini. Freedom of thought is what Mercury in Sagittarius strives for — at least in theory. They are the fun-loving sign of the zodiac and learn most when there is fun and a light heartedness in the topic they are discussing.

Being around a Mercury in Sagittarius can make you feel alive because of their positive outlook on life. They will defend what they believe until they are bored or gain more information and then they can change their minds about topics quite easily. What they believe in one day, can change when new information becomes available to them.

Organization is not something they are good at and their ideas can become cluttered just as much as their homes or offices. They don’t see the point of organizing information into a coherent manner, unless it’s going to benefit them! Sometimes they can become a little preachy as if they are holding court and you are their subjects. Like the Aries, and Leo, both fire signs, the Sagittarius can be very blunt and get to the bottom of the subject very quickly. They are impatient and have no time for others who take too long to get to the point of a story. They believe they are being open minded, even when they are not and can get very upset when you suggest they don’t know all the facts to make a certain opinion.


With Mercury in Capricorn, a slow and methodical manner of communicating is something you are known for. You can become quite annoyed when there is too much information given to you. You must take your time to sort out the facts from the fiction. Like the slow responding Taurus, Capricorn takes it’s time in learning and conveying information. You are the type who has to understand everything you are learning and hearing before you can make a decision as to what works for you. You can be seen as someone who is very judgmental and have a hard time when others don’t get the meaning of your communications. You do not like teaching someone repeatedly, as you expect them to get “it” the first time you communicate.

You can appear older that you are in terms of your communication. You prefer to talk about practical matters, rather than matters of the heart. Of course, this can be tempered if you have either a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces Moon, which are very emotional. They like people who are truthful and honor their commitments in word and deed.

Mercury in Capricorn people can have seemingly crystal-clear judgment, although their thought processes can be skewed to the practical world. They too easily reject what they deem to be frivolous ways of thinking. Not given to much fancy, these natives’ minds are oriented toward practical tasks.


This sign is the most unconventional of all the signs and they enjoy breaking all the rules. They like to stir up others and can make some unusual statements just to see how others react. They are forward thinking and future oriented and are not concerned with how things worked in the past.

They are very quick to anger and contradict. They love to offer a different way of looking at a subject. They love to win arguments, which they usually do, unless they are arguing with a Virgo, mostly because they can keep people off balance with their ideas and beliefs.

They observe life and people and are quite willing to say what they think and believe without a care of what others will think of them. They can be very detached from their communications. They are intellectual and have a love of knowledge. Aquarius can seem very quirky and insightful and get it that others don’t always understand their sense of humor.

Learning environments needs to be customized to their need for freedom which is why self-directed learning is best for the Aquarius. They need to learn at their own pace in their own way. Experiencing life works better than reading about it for this sign.


Mercury in Pisces are gentle communicators who come across as having very pleasant, musical type voices. They are not so interested in the details of what you are talking about as they are with the emotions you put into your subject. When you are talking with a Mercury in Pisces they are seeing your conversation in their head in a story board type of fashion. Music is very soothing for this sign, whether that’s playing it or listening to it.

Pisces are warm and generous with their communications. If you get off on the wrong foot with the Pisces they can become moody and pessimistic, believing that nothing will ever work or can be changed. They love to listen rather than speak. They are compassionate and may spend a lot of their time listening to everyone else’s woes rather than talking about themselves and what they are going through. They have no problem putting their own needs on the back burner if you have something important to talk about.

Pisces is tactful and doesn’t want to hurt anyone so they may agree with you verbally even if they really don’t believe what you believe. They want you to be happy and content and will say whatever is necessary to make it so. They are open minded and whimsical. They are not so interested in facts as they are feelings. Sometimes if you are talking too much to a Pisces they will drift off into a dream like place and you will have to ask them if they are listening.

Pisces rules the intuition and their ability to tap into what is going on intuitively with you is excellent. They will take their time in finding the correct words so that you can hear what they are saying so they may say the same thing repeatedly in a different voice or manner.

Pisces can be vague and indirect when they are not sure of how other people will hear them. They can encounter misunderstandings with others. They are very impressionable and tend to believe everything they hear.

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