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Once, approximately every 25,000 years you will get the same chart as someone else. Until we live to be 25,000 years old, there will NEVER be another you in YOUR lifetime!

Using your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth, Astrologers around the world, whether Western or Eastern Astrologers, can create a blueprint of who you are at your core. The inner you, the real you!

Your Natal Astrological Chart (NAC) tells the story of the authentic you. How you handle life emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, psychologically and financially can be seen through this chart.

Your chart is made up of a combination of Planets, Signs and Houses. In the simplest of forms the Planets represents the power in your life, the Signs represents how you use that power and the Houses show where that power is used in your life.

E.G. If you have the Planet Mercury, which rules communications, in the sign of Virgo, which rules being precise, and it’s located in your 10th House of career in your NAC, then we could say you are a precise communicator in your career.

Keeping in mind that in Western Astrology we use 12 Signs, 12 Houses and 10 Planets and usually the 2 Moon Nodes there are thousands upon thousands of combinations of what could be included in the NAC that represents the authentic you! This doesn’t include the fact that some of your Planets could have been Retrograde when you were born (appearing to move backwards), giving us another 8 Planets to add into the thousands of combinations!

The only way for you to know who you truly are at your core is for a chart to be created based on your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth.

For those of you born in the USA, most of the time, each state will put the time of birth on your birth certificate. Many countries do not and you will have to get that information from a baby book, christening or religious register, from parents or family members and sometimes even the hospitals can help, if you were born in one, as they have to legally keep records of births (depending upon the country) for certain periods of time.

If there is no way to discover your exact time of birth you can also hire an Astrologer to create a Rectification. I do not do this as the process takes a lot of time. An Astrologer who creates a Rectification to find out your time of birth will ask you questions that will allow them to pinpoint the time you were born.

You might be asked questions such as “Do you have children? If you do what are their dates, places and times of birth?” “Are your parents alive? If either of them has died, what was that date?” “If you are adopted, what was the date of the adoption?” “Have you been involved with any major accidents, such as car, boat, train, skiing, etc.? What are the dates when those happened?”

The Astrologer is looking to get a full picture of important events that have happened in your life so that he/she can place those events in your chart to create your exact time of birth. It’s a complicated process and takes time to accomplish.

If you know a “rough time” such as “My mum said I was born after lunchtime around 1pm” an Astrologer can give you accurate information about your Planets and Signs, just not the houses. Understanding your personal Planets and Signs is very helpful in terms of you living a life based on you!

Understanding the unique you will help guide you into the correct personal and professional experiences. E.G. If you have Mars, the Planet of your career and where you enjoy putting your energy, in the sign of Libra, you will come to learn that working in partnership, in a team, working in interior or graphic design as well as human resources and mediation is going to be best suited for you.

If you have your Venus, the Planet that rules who you love, what you love and how you love in the sign of Pisces, you are going to need to be with others who “get you” spiritually. You are sensitive and wear your heart on your sleeve! You are probably going to encounter quite a few romantic disappointments and have so much compassion for others that you sometimes take care of them instead of you. You will also have artistic talents in the form of music and/or movie making and will see life like a story board!

Your NAC gives you a deeper understanding of the nature of you, where you fit into this world and how you need to show up in order to gain success emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, psychologically and financially.

Depending upon the NAC of the Astrologer with whom you work, will determine how you see yourself and your chart. Each Astrologer can only come from their own chart which is why no two Astrologers work in the same fashion around the same subjects, even if trained by the same people!

I have 4 planets in the Sign of Virgo, so I am a very practical and verbally direct Astrologer. I give you a ton of information in our first session and record it so that you can re-listen and start to work on bringing yourself back into alignment with the “true” you! For those of you who have experienced an Initial and/or Follow Up Consultations can attest, I am a no-nonsense Astrologer. I tell it like I see it!

My Jupiter, which represents where we shine brightly and with ease is in the Sign of Scorpio so I offer a deep psychological understanding of who you are and where you are going, together with being able to offer you financial information that will assist you in your financial growth.

My Moon in Aquarius allows me to connect with a wide variety of people and to open my heart to all types of people from different cultures, countries and lifestyles, without any judgment and only with curiosity and a desire to learn.

Understanding who YOU are at your core will serve you and make life easier for you to attract the positives and let go of the negatives. Knowing who YOU are will help you create a life that can be lived with more ease and grace.

Any questions?


That would be Astrology 102!

In the next few days look out for an in depth answer to that question.

If you would like to understand more about who you are and where your energy needs to be spent personally and professionally then maybe it’s time to book a 1-hour Initial Consultation. For those of you who have already experienced the Initial Consultation, is it time to look at what’s working and what’s not working since we last spoke and to get you back on track?

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