Astrological Happenings May 2016

We start the month of May with 5 planets in retrograde motion. Mercury, ruler of communication; Mars, ruler of work experiences and energy levels. Jupiter, ruler of growth and expansion; Saturn, ruler of obstacles, challenges and structure and finally Pluto, ruler of transformation.

That’s a lot of opportunity for slowing down, observing self and others and making internal changes that allow for a more peaceful life!

Let’s start with Mercury. Mercury goes into retrograde motion on April 28th in the sign of Taurus and stays there until May 28th. In the negative there can be issues around communications whether verbal or in writing. Make sure you cross the T’s and dot the I’s. If you don’t have to sign a contract; don’t! As Mercury will be in the sign of Taurus expect old friends and foes to enter back into your life. This will be a time when you put behind you hurts from the past and move forward with a sense of freedom in your soul. That which you have held onto will no longer be as important as it once seemed.

The New Moon this month will be in the sign of Taurus and will occur on May 6th. You have an opportunity to write out 10 wishes over a 48 hour period. A separate missive will cover this in the upcoming week.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and luck has been retrograde since January 7th 2016 and on May 9th will turn and go direct. Jupiter is and has been, this entire time, in the sign of Virgo. Whilst Jupiter has been retrograde this has been a time for getting your affairs in order, cleaning out closets, completion of projects as well as taking care of any on-going health issues. You still have a few more days to accomplish these items before Jupiter goes direct.

When Jupiter does go direct the growth and expansion that has been happening on the inside can now be focused outside of you. This is a great time to start a new business and/or grow an old one. You can change your website and engage in new marketing opportunities. Money will flow more freely and you will be able to buy the new house you have been making plans to find. If you have been thinking about clean eating, becoming a vegetarian or vegan or even committing to an organic lifestyle, you will have more success with sticking to these plans if started when Jupiter has gone direct.

Whatever plans you have been making while Jupiter was retrograde can now be put into action. You are free to move forward. As Jupiter is still in the sign of Virgo, these plans will be practical so make sure you have a list of 1-10 actions that need to be taken. Anything to do with your health or getting organized will turn out very well at this time.

Mars, the planet that rules our work and our energy has been in the sign of Sagittarius, where it was comfortable and you had an opportunity to enjoy lots of spiritual learning about yourself and others.

On May 27th Mars will move back into the sign of Scorpio. Mars and Scorpio are not compatible and for those of you in relationships that have been precarious in the past few months, you could discover your partner has been involved in other relationships!

There is no need to kill them as the Mars energy will want to do! Use the Jupiter energy of the Virgo planner and create a plan to leave and take them for everything you can!!! I know that sounds mercenary, however using the energy of Mars in Scorpio will make you want to do that, so go ahead.

Venus, the planet of love will move into the sign of Gemini on May 24th. This is a time for meeting new friends and flirting with old ones! For those of you looking to get into relationships you will be more concerned that your partner is intelligent, funny and interesting, rather than stunningly good looking!

Saturn is still retrograde in Sagittarius giving you an opportunity to enhance your spiritual learning. Your intuition ought to be stronger at this time. Are you listening? You may also find yourself learning more about a subject that intrigues you. As I’m originally from England and British history is one of my favorite subjects I have been spending time watching “The Tudors” on Netflix, which is all about Henry VIII and his 6 wives. What a horrible man and yet how fascinating England was in the 1500s. Women have come a long way since being the property of men. What do you want to delve into more deeply at this time? Where do you want to increase your learning?

During the Saturn Retrograde, regardless of the sign it’s inhabiting, we have an opportunity to go backwards and look at what needs to be completed in our lives. What have we left undone? What do we need to let go of? What do we need to complete and move forward with? What needs to be renegotiated?

If you have been pondering an Initial or Follow Up Consultation with me then experience one in the next 4 months so we can get clarity around what you need to complete. You may already “know” in your being what those issues are and you could also use some assistance in gaining clarity around what to do as well as getting new tools and resources and guidance to move you forward in August.

If you have been contemplating Coaching since we last spoke then it’s time for us to either have another conversation about how that would work for you (especially as Coaching is done for a 3 month period) or who else you need to coach with!

How its Pluto Retrograde going for you? Pluto represents transformation and Capricorn rules business and the government. When Pluto is Rx we see major changes in our businesses and our government. Not just the government of the USA, although watching this political season, it’s fascinating to see the rise of a business man to be the leader of the Republican party and the rise of an outsider who wants freedom and justice for all and representing the people, rising up against the establishment to rule the Democratic party. Not sure if either of them will get what they want, but they have brought many of us into a political awareness that we had not known in previous elections. Whatever your beliefs this is an exciting time in the USA as far as politics are concerned and Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde says there is still more excitement and transformation to come.

Other countries are experiencing the opportunity for change as well. England is trying to decide whether to get out of the EU and North Korea has weapons that can destroy many countries within their reach.

On a personal level it’s time to change the way you look at your work environment. What’s working and what’s not? Do you like the people with whom you spend the majority of your life, your co-workers? Do you enjoy working in the building in which you are all housed, or does it feel like a prison? Are you ready to stop being afraid of saying the “wrong” thing for fear you will get fired? Is it time for you to step out of your fears and take your talents, experience, knowledge and education to create something for you and your family?

Coming next month:
The New Moon will be in Gemini on June 4th. What wishes are more likely to come true? Neptune, the planet of your hopes, wishes and dreams as well as your psychic abilities will move into retrograde from June 13th through November 19th. This is a great time to listen to your intuition. Read more about this next month. Venus, the planet of move moves in the sign of Cancer, which is loving, warm, kind and caring. How will this affect your relationships? Mars turns direct in Scorpio on 29th. How will this affect your work arena as well as your energy levels and where you put that energy?

Any questions?

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Are you ready to take your talents, skills and passions and monetize those through your own business? Does the Itty Bitty Sh*tty Committee keep you stuck in your head and taking no action? Maybe it’s time to receive insight, clarity and direction together with business tools and resources to move you forward! Are you ready to enter into the process of becoming an entrepreneur?

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