Astrological Happenings January 2017

Astrological Happenings January 2017.
Happy New Year!!

We start the year with only the Planet Mercury, which rules all types of communication, in Retrograde motion. Mars, the Planet of energy and work will move through the intuitive and self-destructive sign of Pisces as will Venus. Jupiter, the Planet of luck, growth and expansion is sitting in the relationship sign of Libra. A New Moon in Aquarius that allows us to get involved with organizations and groups as well as increasing our circle of frineds.

Firstly, let’s deal with the Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is the planet of communication and is usually the planet that people will ask me about the most. When Mercury is Retrograde, we must cross the t’s and dot the I’s! It takes longer to handle communications that arise. There is more likely to be conflict and delay. For example, since Mercury went Retrograde Catherine Yunt and I, who are going to be creating the Intuitive Pathfinders podcast, have recorded the opening 1 hour podcast twice! We discovered, the other day, that we will need to record a 3rd time! This time we are waiting until the Mercury Rx is over!

You might ask “you are both astrologers, how come you didn’t see this coming?” It’s not that we didn’t know it would be fraught with problems, we did. We are both looking on this as an opportunity to hone what we have done already, add some more pertinent information that only just came up and include that which was not originally included!

Mercury Rx is a great time to clear up old paperwork, respond to e-mails that you haven’t answered yet. Re-organize your office and your systems. Finish off what you started before January 8th and that’s when the New Year will start for you. Mercury Rx is in Capricorn so there will be business issues that come up or have come up in the past, that you will now be able to clear up.

As I mentioned in the December “Astrological Happenings” if you haven’t written out your career goals for 2017, now is the time to do so. Once Mercury goes direct on January 8th you can take the action necessary to move your career forward. This applies to those employed and self-employed.

When Mercury goes direct on January 8th we will be free of Retrograde planets until February. January is a great time to make plans and to act upon them. Start the year off as you mean to go along, with clarity and purpose. Where do you want to place most your energy?

Venus moves into the sign of Pisces this month and you can expect one of two things when it comes to relationships. Either you will meet someone that you feel and intense spiritual connection with or you have massive disappointment in love.

For those of you who already listen to your intuition and are in a relationship you already know where your relationship is going. Can you move through the denial if there is disappointment to come? You will be less disappointed and said if you are realistic NOW! If you do feel your current relationship is becoming more connected and spiritual you will want to make plans for a wonderful vacation this summer where your relationship could be cemented into something more permanent.

As Venus also represents what you love in terms of your career tap into the intuitive Pisces energy and write down what comes to your being when it comes to how you love to spend your time, in terms of your career. Ideas will seem to pop into your head when you are driving or with a group of people. Make sure you have a way to capture those ideas so you can put pen to paper!

Mars, the planet of action and energy will stay in the sign of Pisces until January 28th. When you have Venus and Mars in the same sign (Pisces in this case), those of you who have your Sun Sign in Pisces have a greater potential for either meeting the love of your life or the work of your life. You are more attractive now and your being knows what it wants to attract. For those of you with your Sun sign in Virgo, watch out!

Pisces is opposite Virgo and there will be turmoil in many of relationships whether they are intimate, friends of business partnerships. Virgos will get the opportunity to decide whether a relationship is worth your energy or you need to fish and cut bait!

Jupiter the Planet of luck, growth and expansion is moving through the loving, harmonious, relationship oriented sign of Jupiter. Jupiter goes Retrograde in February, but for the month of January you can have a lot of growth in your relationships. Maybe you want to connect with someone new? Is it time to declare your love for your mate? Have you been thinking about going into a business partnership? During the month of January, you will have plenty of luck attracting the correct relationship for you. You will find yourself in the right place at the right time to meet the right person or people!

The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on January 27th 2017. Look out for a separate communique closer to the time, where I will offer ideas, suggestions and information on the type of wishes to write.


The New Moon in Pisces occurs on February 26th 2017. Venus will move into Aries. Mars will move into its ruling sign of Aries, so expect to feel your body gain a ton of energy. Jupiter will go Retrograde in Libra on February 6th for several months so I will be addressing how this affects all your relationships.
Happy New Year

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