Astrological Happenings February 2018

Astrological Happenings | February 2018 | Astrologer Dawn

Astrological Happenings FEBRUARY 2018

Get ready for another month without Retrograde Planets to hold us back!!

We start February the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in the unique and individualistic sign of Aquarius.  In these first few days, be open to new experiences.  An opportunity for new friends that could turn into lovers happens until February 10th.  Are you clear about what you want?

When Venus enters Pisces on February 10th you could find yourself disappointed in a situation that has happened in your relationship or work.  Alternatively, you may have an ah-ha moment about your relationship that allows it to move forward or come to and end.

On the work front, when Venus is in Pisces, you might discover you have more access to your imagination.  Don’t forget to write everything down.  A great time to use a Mind Map to capture all those images that will be flooding in.

Our New Moon in Aquarius arrives on February 15th this month.  Aquarius is imaginative, open, unique, unusual and…. More to come about this in the New Moon Wishes e-mail.

On February 17th our communications could go through a phase of confusion, when Mercury moves into Pisces.  Yes, our intuition can speak itself loud and clear through our mouths at this time.  However, don’t tell if you are not asked!  You can have intuition, you don’t have to share it with everyone.


Mars, the planet of where our energy is focused and your career, has moved into the Sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius rules being ethical, full of energy, and philosophical. It’s a time when you can make some excellent long-term decisions about your career.

Whether you work for self or others, you will want to make sure you have plenty of time for fun and laughter at work.  If something doesn’t work out, see the funny side of it!

If you are up for a promotion or have a contract that you have been chasing, the chances are those will happen this month, as Sagittarius rules Jupiter, which is the Planet of luck, growth and optimism.

If you are an employee, you probably work at least 40 hours a week, many of you work more.   Work places are where you will spend most of your time and your life.  You cannot choose your fellow employees.  You can however, chose the type of work in which you engage, in an environment in which you feel comfortable, appreciated and seen.

Careers changes you want to make can be more easily accomplished when Mars is in Sagittarius.  You have the focus and the energy to look at the positive and to see how that positive can be grown!

You have until March 17th to use the Sagittarius energy, when Mars moves into Capricorn.


For the month of February, allowing your intuition to lead you in work situations will work out the best for you.  Don’t try and force situations or conversations.  Allow them to flow naturally.  When you are asked for your opinion, give it honestly.  Don’t over explain and keep your words simple.

Take risks.  Don’t allow the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee or the Management Committee to hold you back from listening to your intuition.

Remember it’s the FIRST THING YOU HEAR, KNOW, FEEL OR SEE that is your intuition.  Everything after that is 2nd guessing that intuition and is usually a member of the IBS Committee or the MC!

Changes are still moving forward when it comes to the way in which we work.  By the year 2020 40% of us will be Consultants and Contractors.  What do you want your 2020 to look like professionally?


If you are dating, your intuition will be turned up to the max.  Are you going to listen?  A long time ago, one of my clients was telling me about this man she was dating and all the things that were not working.  I remember asking her “how many red flags do you need?”  Watch out for red flags in your relationships.  Is someone lying to you or omitting to give you all the information so that you can make an intuitive decision about the relationship?  Do you have your head buried in the sand and don’t want to look at what’s “really” going on in your relationships?  That’s all relationships, not just the intimate ones!

In your home, it’s a wonderful time to get creative.  Do you want to paint a room?  Is it time to work on the garden?  Follow your intuition to discover what you want to do to work on transforming your home into a place that brings you peace, serenity and comfort.

For those of you in successful relationships, there is an opportunity to plan at least one long distance trip, over the next month.  You don’t have to take it until later in the year.  However, now is the time to book that trip.

If you have wanted to spend time learning something new at a higher level, then now is the time to start.  When I talk about a higher level, I mean Metaphysics, Alternative Healing and anything that has to do with learning more about a natural way of living.


My next FREE Connection will be on Tuesday, February 13th at 6pm (AZ/MST) time.  This time I’m going to be using Facebook Live.

The topic will be “Neptune in Pisces – Turn the volume up on your intuition in specific areas of your life and take action now!”

I will also be taking your questions and using my Thoth and Robin Wood Tarot Decks to give you answers.

Get more details HERE.

  If you would like to submit a question to me prior to the Webinar, send questions by February 10th to The more specific you are the easier it is for the Universe to have clarity around what you need to hear.


The New Moon in Pisces occurs on March 17th.  Jupiter will go Retrograde in Scorpio on March 5th, Mars enters Capricorn and Mercury goes Retrograde in Aries on March 22nd.   You may uncover some secrets and lies in either or both professional and your personal life.  Fireworks may occur towards the end of the month, when the Rx happens. Look out for the update in your inbox in MARCH!

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