Astrological Happenings February 2016

Happy Birthday Sonia J. on 29th! She’s my only client born on a leap year!

February starts with only one retrograde planet, Jupiter. Luckily the growth and optimism that Jupiter represents isn’t dimmed at all by being in a retrograde motion. Instead of externally manifesting what you want, your focus is on the internal work of understanding your current beliefs and motivations in life. You have until May to work on getting organized and putting in writing those goals you plan on achieving after July 2016.

Your New Moon wishes take place on February 8th 9:38am (AZ time) and will be in the sign of Aquarius. More to come on this in another missive from me!

Venus, the planet of love, sits in the sign of Capricorn as we start the month of February. Relationships started during the first half of the month will tend to move slow and steady. There is seriousness to those relationships. Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius around 17th February. New relationships started during the second half of the month will be based on friendship first which could grow into a long term love. In the second half of the month when Venus moves into Aquarius you make quick, fast and firm friends with people from different parts of the world.

Venus in Capricorn allows you to create goals for business growth. That may be a promotion or a new job. If you are self employed it’s an opportunity to add or grow a new part of your business. Do you have products you can create and would like to sell?

On the work front when Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius you will discover you are hit by a ton of new and original ideas. Capture what you can. You are looking for unusual solutions and it’s likely you will capture one that works by the end of February and the first week in March.

Mars continues its movement through Scorpio allowing you to uncover secrets. Some of those secrets will not come as a surprise as your intuition will have already spoken to you. This is more of a time when your past denial comes to the surface and you cannot ignore it any longer.

In relationships Mars in Scorpio focuses on the psychological compatibility of your relationships. Those relationships consist of friends, family members and an intimate personal partnership. Spend time getting to know those closest to you in more depth. You can ask the deep probing questions at this time and receive answers.

In your work arena Mars in Scorpio allows you to dig deeper into your Soul Purpose Career. For those of you who are self-employed, it’s important to have self-employment that is based on who you are at your core and where you find fulfillment and joy. It’s part of the foundation of success. You will be able to gain clarity around how much time and energy you are putting into certain parts of your business. Is it time to spend some of your money on an assistant? They can be virtual you know!

For those of you who are employed you might overhear conversations you are not supposed to be privy too! Keep the information to yourself as there will come a time when that information is beneficial to your growth in your current company. If you are looking for another job make sure you have written out your ideal job description. That includes your title, duties, benefits and remuneration. Start from where you want to be and put out to the Universe that you want that job to show up.

Saturn the planet of obstacles, challenges and structure is nearly half way through its stay in Sagittarius. Saturn moves slow and steady. It likes the simple life and demands the truth be told. Sagittarius rules Jupiter, the planet of optimism, luck, growth and expansion and moves fast and not in a straight line. You are being asked by the Universe to marry those energies together and find balance in all areas of your life.

One of the ways to find balance is make sure we are living a life that is authentic to who we are at our core. “It is your responsibility to live according to your beliefs” is a belief that Saturn in Sagittarius ascribes too!

Saturn in Sagittarius has us craving knowledge, information and experiences, especially around the spiritual, metaphysical and alternative.

Sagittarius rules excess and Saturn rules moderation. Don’t overdo anything at this time. It’s time to be responsible. There will be a huge price to pay for any irresponsible habits and behaviors you continue to practice. Probably the biggest price will be how unhappy you will be with the past choices you have made.

In order to avoid the excesses you need plans and goals. You need to put structure into your life in terms of your learning, whether that be traditional or alternative. Yes it’s time to expand your horizons and how are you going to do that? What is the plan?

As your awareness and understanding of the new subjects you are learning your intuition will inform you of how these new areas are important in your life. You don’t need to go looking for your intuition. When it’s ready to tell you what you need to know, it appears in many forms.

You have an opportunity until the end of 2017 to gain more freedom in your personal and business life by learning new techniques, life enhancing experiences and conversations and incorporating those to create a life that is rich in joyfulness.

Coming next month:
Mars moves into Sagittarius. Will there be long distance travel in the cards for you? Venus in Pisces could bring sadness in love or more of a spiritual connection. Saturn in Sagittarius turns retrograde from March 24th through August 12th. What past unhealthy behavior of habits need to be addressed right now?

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