An Intuitive Experience – Are YOU having them?

An Intuitive Experience | Astrologer Dawn

An Intuitive Experience
Are YOU having them?

Intuition is a maze that we are trying to understand.  Intuition is body knowledge, Understanding is head knowledge. Stop “trying to understand”. Your intuition doesn’t need to be explained.  All will be revealed in time if you just wait for answers to come.

I completed a Consultation many years ago for a male client who had no Water Signs in his astrological chart. Water in Astrology, represents emotions.  I asked the question “How do you connect with your emotions?” He answered “I process my feelings in my head!”  It’s something I’ve never forgotten as I remember chuckling to myself and saying to him “You can’t process feelings in your head, they are in your body.  We’ll have to find another way to access your emotions if you would like that?”

Recognizing your intuition is about feeling, seeing and knowing.  Intuition is erratic, unstable and inconsistent.  Analyzing comes from your head and is where the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee lives.

Intuition has no judgment, shame or blame.  It doesn’t care who you are, where you are from, your life experience or where you are going.  It also doesn’t care what else is going on in your life.  It arrives, when it arrives!  AND not necessarily about the subjects we’d like our intuition to focus on!!!

Intuition allows us to move in the correct direction for each of us, if we listen.  Your head comes up with all types of negative questions, when your intuition starts to work well.  Anything from “You’re not going to do that are you?” or “No one is going to believe you” or “Can you get that done in that short amount of time” or “Can you really be successful doing that?”  And on and on and on… If you hear the questioning and its fear based, KNOW that it’s your IBS Committee speaking and it’s going to come up with all types and kinds of reasons you cannot get something done, change your life or include new beliefs.

You have 2 Committees in your body.  There is your Intuitive Committee and your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee.  Neither of these committees work well together.  The IBS sees the IC as being too fluid, flexible, not reasonable, having flights of fancy and not grounded.   Generally the IBS considers the IC very suspect and doesn’t trust it’s motives.

The IC just notices the IBS Committee is getting upset at the IC and has no care as to what that upset is about!  It just watches from the outside, calm, together and just watching the IBS Committee’s voices get louder and louder.   You might even hear your intuition say in a very unemotional, disconnected manner “Wow look at how the IBS Committee is getting fearful, upset, judgmental and shaming.  That’s interesting.”   When first recognizing and listening to your intuition, the IC becomes louder and you will drift away from the IBS Committee.  In the beginning, the IBS Committee will want you back and will work on getting you to second guess your intuition.

Here is something intuitive that happened to one of my coaching clients over a period of a few days.  Would you have recognized what YOU were hearing was intuition?

My client has booked a much-desired vacation to Italy.  She is considering going to a design school in Italy for a year.  Whilst she is on vacation she wanted to check out the country to see if it feels correct for her to spend a year there.  She has an appointment at the design school, whilst on vacation, to check that building out as well.  She has been looking for some type of validation that going to Florence is a great idea.

So, here’s what happens to her last week…


My client went to a store that is a cross between Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond.  She had been in and out of the store all week looking at potential color palettes to redo her bathroom.  She spies some new rugs in the store and goes over to look at them.  One rug really takes hold of her emotions.  She looks at the tag and the name of the rug is “The Florence”

Client Heard: “Oh my god, this never happens.”


My client went to work tired as she hadn’t been sleeping well.  Instead of staying overtime at work as she normally does, she left on time so she could relax and go to bed earlier.  She had dinner and did chores and was waiting for The Bachelorette to come on.  Wheel of Fortune is the show before The Bachelorette and my client doesn’t usually watch that show as she’s not home.  During Wheel of Fortune my client was ranting at the TV because people cannot guess the puzzles, when they look easy to her.  Towards the end of the show, a contestant won a prize, which was a trip to Florence, Italy!

Client Heard: “They never have trips to Florence or Europe.”


Again, at work, my client was thinking about going to the supermarket to buy lunch.  As she was in the supermarket she then heard “take home a few things and you can get dinner from here as well.”  She wanted something snaky and went down the aisle where the cookies and snacks are kept and picked up a box she’d not seen before.  She heard “Yum, these are lemon flavored and cut into soft cubes.  These look delicious, I must buy some of these.” It was a box of Quadratini Cookies.  She turned the box over to look to see where they were made and it said, “Product of Italy”

Client Heard: “God, everything Italian has come to me recently.”

Notice the first two “thoughts” have the word “never” in it.  Never is an absolute and it’s one the IBS Committee loves to use to keep you in your place and following your head!

Follow the breadcrumbs your intuition is laying down for you.  See where they lead.  I suggested she might want to see if she can get a tour of the factory that makes the cookies when she goes to Italy later in the year.  She’s is looking for her ideal mate and you never know, maybe he will be on a tour of the factory at the same time!

Slow down, pay attention, keep a diary of your experiences so that you can see your intuition is working, It is working, it’s just whether you are listening or not!


Have you had an intuitive experience where you are given little nudges of information that show you that you are going in the correct direction, or even the wrong direction?  I would love to hear about them.  Send them in an e-mail to

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